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Issue Requesting a Refund.

Created 10/05/2019
14 Replies

So, I'm not sure where to post this, so apologies if it's in the wrong place. I've recently tried requesting a refund, and after filling out the form and pressing the send icon I just get a notification of a Dynamic Survey Error (at least I think that was what it said, it might be slightly paraphrased) that provides no further info on the problem and then locks me out of attempting to resend it unless I refresh the page and fill out the form again, which just ends up giving me exactly the same result. Is this an issue with the site or is there something I'm doing wrong?


  • LordRoss


    LordRoss 10 May, 2019 @ 15:53

    Hi Nasha842

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Posting in this board is absolutely fine.

    Although just to help us with investigation of the issue you experienced, could you please answer the following questions:

    • Did you include your transaction id in the form & what was the content?
    • Have you changed your online ID at all?
    • What was the 'reason' you selected from the drop down list?
    • What Internet Browser were you using?

    Thanks :)

  • Nasha842


    Nasha842 10 May, 2019 @ 16:13


    • Yes, I included the transaction ID, the content was Anthem, which I used the "Videogame Content" option for
    • No, my online ID has remained the same ever since first making it back when I got my PS3
    • I selected "other reason" because I felt I had to explain my reasoning a bit more thoroughly given the game in question
    • Firefox

    If you need anymore info just let me know.

  • LordRoss


    LordRoss 10 May, 2019 @ 16:24
    When was the refund request made?
  • Nasha842


    Nasha842 10 May, 2019 @ 16:54
    I tried a couple of times yesterday and again a couple of times today.
  • Nasha842


    Nasha842 11 May, 2019 @ 16:35

    Okay, to give a little bit more information, since I've just tried again with the same results. The error that occurs reads as follows.





    That is word-for-word the error I get.

  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 12 May, 2019 @ 08:53

    Do you currently live in the same country that your account is associated with?

    Also have you tried restarting Firefox in safe mode, or tried using a different browser at all? 

  • LordRoss


    LordRoss 13 May, 2019 @ 11:41
    I've passed the error on to the folks who look after those pages to investigate, but in the meantime, have you checked your spam folder to see if you have received a response for your query?
  • dtsm121


    dtsm121 19 May, 2019 @ 15:27

    I am having this exact same issue.

    I have tried on both Chrome & Internet Explorer.

    I have received no email confirmation either.

    Please let me know where I can send the refund information while the website is broken.

  • dtsm121


    dtsm121 23 May, 2019 @ 21:19
    Is there an email address I can send my refund request to ?
  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 23 May, 2019 @ 23:35
    In the meantime, the best option will be to phone support. 
  • dtsm121


    dtsm121 26 May, 2019 @ 08:04

    Ok, after going round in circles for quite a while I couldn't find a UK support number but did find the Twitter account.

    Will try that.

    For those also trying to beat PSN's refund avoidance strategy, here is the Twitter account:

    If you have a PSN support phone number can you reply with it here.


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 26 May, 2019 @ 13:31
    The support phone number is printed on the inner side of game case inserts (the cover) of PS4 games. 


    JKMOHY 27 May, 2019 @ 13:52

    I want a Refund 

    I bought a game by mistake and I was sad because it took all my money and I want my money back and uninstall the game.


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 27 May, 2019 @ 17:40

    JKMOHY ^ go to that page for refunds, though if you've downloaded a game it won't qualify.