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Is there any way for you to get the code for the platinum rewards if you didn't have emails turned on?

Created 15/05/2019
1 Replies
I recently got the platinum for Days Gone and wondered how to get the rewards for getting the trophy. I looked at a few blogs and even the official ps 'instructions' on how to get them. I realized that I had not turned on email notifications/marketing emails. Does this mean that I cannot get the codes? If anyone has any advice on what j could let do it would be much appreciated.


  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 Best answer 15 May, 2019 @ 02:01

    As mentioned in your other thread, they can take a while to come. So turn on the emails and you might still get it. 

    Costumer support will be the only ones who might be able to help you otherwise. But not sure if they can (or do) resend it.