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I didnt get the Please verify your new Sign-in ID email

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Created 24/11/2019
7 Replies

So I changed my email on my ps account, I got the sign-in id change email on my old email but on the new one, I didn't get like a verify thing. and I can log in into my account

PS I'm on my alt account now


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina Best answer 24 November, 2019 @ 10:22

    You're sure the new email address was typed in correctly and you've checked that email's spam/junk folder? 

    Can you sign in with the old email address? 

    If you still can't sign in you may have little option but to ring customer support for their assistance. 

  • petru7127


    petru7127 24 November, 2019 @ 13:29

    1.i think I typed the email address incorrectly and maybe that's the issue]

    2. No, I can't sign with the old email address

    PS: In which country is the support number prefix in?

  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 24 November, 2019 @ 15:12
    Romanian contact details for support are at
  • magenta_remorse2 23 January, 2020 @ 16:16


     My acc  


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 23 January, 2020 @ 17:13
    Well, that's nice, but there's no real reason to post it here, unless you're throwing a celebration party and we're invited. ;) 
  • Gobble85862


    Gobble85862 24 January, 2020 @ 19:24
    So I've renewed my sins PlayStation plus but it isn't working ????
  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 25 January, 2020 @ 09:33
    Please see the existing thread for this topic