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I can't use gift cards on my Ps4 account because I set my region wrong

Created 21/02/2019
3 Replies

I made my Psn account years ago when I had my Ps3. I set my region as UK as I could not find Ireland so I just suspected that they shared a region. Now i cannot use gift cards on my account to buy dlc and I do not want to make another one as I will lose all my progress on Destiny 2.


  • FriedWacc


    FriedWacc 21 February, 2019 @ 14:44
  • GT-Anna


    GT-Anna 21 February, 2019 @ 14:55

    What is stopping you from going online to Sites like CDKeys, PlayAsia, Amazon to name a few and buying TopUp Vouchers for the UK Account??



    They take payments via your Banking Cards or PayPal and they send the Code to your email address within minutes of a transaction...



    Just make sure that the Voucher Codes carry the Flag of the same Country as the Account you wish to Redeem them to..





  • mont348


    mont348 21 February, 2019 @ 14:57

    The only thing you can do is purchase PSN prepaid cards and subscriptions in GB £'s, websites such as CDKeys and Electronic First will instantly email you the code within minutes of receiving payment.