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How to Mirror MacBook to PS4 Pro?

Created 10/09/2019
1 Replies

Looking for any suggestions on a problem I'm having mirroring to my TV via my PS4 Pro


I've got a heap of movies and tv shows on a portable hard drive, and half of them won't play on the PS4 Media Player app when it's plugged in. I've also got a Philips Hue setup, and I've been using the PS4 Remote Play app on my MacBook to have the Philips Hue Sync working with the movies and tv shows that do work on the PS4 Media Player app, however I want to find a solution where I can just play every file without dramas and mirror the screens between my MacBook and PS4 and running Hue Sync. I've tried Plex but it won't mirror the movies and tv shows on both the MacBook and PS4, it only allows me to play the video on one or the other device, which is no good for me when running Philips Hue Sync.


Are there any other options available?


  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 10 September, 2019 @ 18:35

    Screen mirroring... you can't

    Apple Lock down supported devices...

    Bonjour screen mirroring (aka airplay) is blocked by Apple from using many devices this blocks lot of devices from working with OSX...

    Apple has been blocking the use on devices for a long time... there agreement to allow airplay recieving on other companies products is new and requires brand new TV with the air play streaming client built in to the hardware... 

    Don't expect PS4 to be licensed to airplay... even MOV and Apples modification of MP4 is not licensed... and SIE console is a for profit product which will require licensing same as Airplay does..


    Windows apps support DLNA live screen recording and rebroadcasting of screen content over the DLNA client, they were not free apps...

    but this is a rival to Airplay so you might have a hard time finding an app that advertises that its a competitor to Apples own services and Apple TV box...

    There are services that do this for chromecast on Mac... as thats Google verses Apple and they have allready given up trying to block Google services on OSX... But chromecast will require trancoding as its codec support is even less than PS4...