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Transfer data to another account?

Created 22/06/2019
1 Replies

Hey Guys, i live in South Africa, i want to link my EA account to a different psn account so i dont loose my fifa progress?

I bought a playstation plus 12 month package however its for my SA psn account but all my fifa data is on my UK psn account while i lived there.


Please help


  • mont348


    mont348 Best answer 22 June, 2019 @ 17:35

    Can't be done. 

    Save data, online progress, trophies and purchases cannot be transferred from one PSN account to another. 

    However you can activate the account with the PS+ subscription as primary and the other account will benefit from online multiplayer which is part of the PlayStation Plus subscription. More than one account on a single PS4 system can have a primary activation, I have four users and accounts on my system all are activated as primary.