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Created 21/07/2019
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Hi so I had my PS4 since lunch this pa4 was the original holder of the games I brought digitalis my account . My brother has another PS4 that we gameshare it was working fine until my PS4 the original account holders and now I put my account on my new PS4 pro and he can’t get the games on my account anymore but i can get his? I have his account activated and it works on his and mine but for me it doesn’t work anymore when he activated my account on my PS4. 

I’m confused why that is? I looked for help everywhere  we both spent a lot on games and we enjoyed playing each other’s games 



  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 22 July, 2019 @ 06:58

    Are you within the same household? Let's assume for now that you are both under the same roof.

    " it doesn’t work anymore when he activated my account on my PS4 "  if what you typed is accurate, that's where you're problem is; wrong console.




    Just an info thing here, but we see people type this a lot   "activated my account"

    You activate a console as your primary PS4

    You don't activate accounts.