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Error: WC-40377-1

Created 13/11/2019
1 Replies

I purchased 4x $50 voucher cards on November 8th. At the time I already had about $17 in my wallet. Upon entering the third voucher the following error popped up:

“The funds cannot be added. The maximum funding amount would be exceeded. (WC-40377-1)”

So I continued to enter the fourth code which went through perfectly fine. I then made a $119 purchase which took my funds below $50, then attempted the third voucher again with the same error popping up. 

I contacted the retailer who told me it was a daily limit and to try again the next day in which I did with the same error popping up. I know the value is there as it pops up once I enter the code and it says in the Add funds box:

“This code has a value of $50. Do you want to add these funds to your wallet?”

By pressing yes, that’s when the error pops up.

I have tried redeeming the code via account management and ps store through console. I have also attempted adding the code via the app and PC. I have tried every day since purchasing the voucher as the retailer had told me there is nothing they can do and to contact Sony, which brings me here. Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 13 November, 2019 @ 07:45

    Leave a 48 hour gap between redemption attempts. If you don't, it will just reset and you'll need to wait a further 48 hours. 

    If it still won't redeem after leaving it more than 48 hours between attempts you should probably contact customer support.