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DLC not installing

Created 09/09/2019
4 Replies

I bought the borderlands 2 Lilith dlc it says waiting to install when I click start I get-

cannot find application 

then takes me to psstore to buy the handsome collection again but am playing this on disc! 

Some help would be great finding it hard to contact Sony over something I paid for.


  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 Best answer 09 September, 2019 @ 22:01

    Sounds like you own the game on disc? And it's from a different region. So the DLC is incompatible. 

    All you can do is buy one of them again from the correct region. 

  • fratheduke


    fratheduke 10 September, 2019 @ 16:05

    my region says all on back of case so I dunno. 

    How do I go about getting a refund for the dlc? 

    Ive actually ended up just signing up to psnow so I can play it on that. 



  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 10 September, 2019 @ 17:48

    The region icon on the game cases is misleading, and by right shouldn't be there. You also won't get a refund. Region incompatibility is not grounds for a refund. It was YOUR job to ensure compatibility prior to purchase. DLC being region locked has been a well established fact since the PS store first opened back in November 2008. And you've downloaded the content, that negates your refund. Your only options are:-

    1. Buy the game again, this time for the country your PSN account is registered to. This means having to start the game again from scratch as saves are region locked and have been since the PS1 launched back in late 1994.

    2. Buy the DLC again, this time using a PSN account registered to the country the game was intended for sale in.

  • fratheduke


    fratheduke 18 September, 2019 @ 13:03
    Quick update I got a refund so In case anyone else reads this if you can’t use content you buy or have a problem with always contact them for a refund or resolution. PlayStation/Sony are not going to make loyal customers unhappy over an £12 dlc that they can tell you haven’t used.