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Cannot log into PlayStation network- brings up join screen

Created 16/07/2019
1 Replies

I’ve only had my PS4 for a month, it’s mainly used by my kids. Yesterday, I tried to log in to PSN, but after clicking on “sign in” in settings it is bringing up the “join” screen for first time users instead of the sign in screen. If I enter log in and password it just tells me that there is already an account registered in that name and only gives me an option to exit.


ive tried to login through settings, one of the games and through parental controls but the same thing happens. I’ve had to disable all the parental controls because I can’t log in to make changes .we now can’t play one game ( grand tourismo) as you need to be signed in to load the game apparently. 




  • mont348


    mont348 16 July, 2019 @ 08:25

    The join screen will only appear if you haven't clicked on the sign in with the existing account option if you have gone pass that you will have to start again with a fresh user profile. 

    Each PSN account on system will also need it's own user profile, you simply cannot sign out with one account then sign in with another account without creating a new local user for that account.