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Anyone else experience this....

Created 23/06/2019
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Hi all. 

This is something that really annoys me. . We bought LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Deluxe Edition for our son. The game is pegi 7and our son is years over that age. Sony accepted and applied the Season pass and extra DLC codes, but will not allow him access to download or play any of it and Sony PS will not provide any fix or replacement codes, so he could play his levels on my account. No help at all. 

We feel that we've been ripped off, as the game (WB, Tt Games, MARVEL & LEGO,) which is targeted at children of 7 and over, has been sold to us, then the Sony PS Store have happily accepted the codes for the content we've paid extra for, knowing full-well that the customer will not have access to it. Unless, of course it's one of the cutomers who have lied about their children's ages, which breaks PS's terms. How's that for irony. 

I feel that doing this to us should break SONY/PS's own terms and, quite frankly, should be illegal, not to mention it's just morally wrong. 

One of the most annoying things is the misleading message that pops up saying it's due to parental control settings, which leads to us wasting loads of time changing every setting imaginable, thinking it's something we've done wrong. Then we find out our settings were ok all along and this has been imposed on our son by people other than his parents. 

Plus there's no mention of the 13 year old access thing anywhere in the game small print, or anywhere in our PS/Parental control settings. The game box just states "+ Season Pass - Internet Connection Required." The most ridiculous part of this is that if he wanted to play Spiderman (which is pegi 16) on his account and we allowed it, he could play it. 

Sorry if my first post is too long, also I don't know if there was I better place to post this frustration. this thread seemed to be roughly along the same lines. Thanks for reading.


  • mont348


    mont348 23 June, 2019 @ 15:28

    Parental controls will only override single player component of a game which is why Spiderman can be played as it is single player only with no online features whatsoever. However games with any online features not just multilayer including leader boards or score or content creation etc is subject to restrictions which cannot be bypassed with parental control settings. 

    I guess there must be an online component blocking access to the lego game and the DLC and pass etc should really have been redeemed on a master account with a primary activation.