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2 x PSN accounts - issues across 2 household PS4s

Created 18/07/2019
4 Replies

We have 2 PS4 in the household

Original on PSN (Console 1) no issues with connectivity etc. and has a single user profile/login

Newest(Console 2), I understand requires its own separate PSN account in order to access online content/games since the Console 1 a/cc can't be logged in on 2 seperate PS4s?

Issue I have is I created a new PSN account for my son on Console 2 and with his DoB (2008), although with my parental consent/locked down/not shared passwords with him etc. then created sub accounts with Parental controls.

Unfortunately, he cannot get onto the PSN to play games such as Fortnite, as it states 'age restriction'

Since its not possible to amend DoB on accounts, is there any way I can transfer the PSN membership and create a new Parent/Family account for use on PSN,  with a sub account for him to use for fortnite etc.

Any ideas welcome! 


  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB Best answer 19 July, 2019 @ 12:33

    You need 2 adult accounts to by pass the age restrictions on fortnite

    Online is not regulated by the Console settings its regulated by the game server and the date of birth of the PSN account..

    If fortnite had been a single player offline title then the console settings would be in effect but the game is online only...

    You only need PS+ on second account if you want to play on the First console with out internet connection...


    With one PS+ only account

    Console 1

    Yours with PS account must remain online to play purchased digital content and do multi player


    console 2

    Your account with PS+ and console set as Primary account console..

    Second adult account who downloads fortnite and installs the free to play BR mode title...

    Setting this console as Primary  on the first account Shares PS+ with the second adult user account...

    Only 1 PS+ sub is required..


    Refunding unwanted PS+..

    You can get a refund for the PS+ subscription only for the days not used on the subscription from CS...

    Yes part refund is avaliable...


    Free to play Vs PS+ required for online play

    Fortnite BR mode is Fully free to play.... PS+ is not required to play the BR mode of fortnite...

    Epic games Free to play mode does not require PS+

    PS+ is not normaly ever needed for Free to play titles...

    PSN accounts are independent from PS+ you can have PSN account and not play multi player titles...

    Have fun



  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 19 July, 2019 @ 00:05

    2008 means hes to young for online titles, which are regulated by the Publisher age limits on the PS4 game servers,,,

    Fortnite is run by Epic games and the PS4 online age account restriction is 13 and up

    Its not just EU age  restriction from epic many publishers are forced under EU laws to regulate online age limits because other Parents don't regulate their children and won't, So to correct this they are forced to do it for them by EU law...

    Many EA online titles are 13 and up only

    Many ubisoft online titles are 14 and up...

    Activision changes per title for minimum...

    With legal court rulings on loot box gambling being investigated legal age restriction on game that include it are looking to be even more tighter forced on publishers in many countries...


    You can't change date of birth as it part of the account recovery system on  all accounts and when hes 18 the account becomes his and not regulated by You any longer so it requires his correct date of birth...


    If you insist on by passing the age lock out you just need another email address and create another PSN account that they can use while you play with them for titles that will restrict online access by age that don't have any offline modes.. with this account you make sure the age is over 18 to remove the age restriction it is not a child account it is a master/adult account so don't save the password and then they can only use the account online when you type the password in...


    With the current loot box stuff going on age restriction and regulation of games is looking to get worse not better partly due to parents not regulating there children and then they gamble on loot boxes into thousands of pounds...

  • hullabeano


    hullabeano 19 July, 2019 @ 10:00

    @GraphiteGB Thanks for the reponse and detailed explanation.

    I understood all this and hence have ensured I created parental controls witrh game age restrictions, no purchase ability time limitations etc. since I do monitor, restrict to time periods and regulate his game play. However, I think my mistake came in creating the Playstation Plus account on Console 2, paying £49.99 for the online access, which is required, right(?) With the scenario I have as follows:-

    We have 2 accounts @£49.99 p/y on each PS4 - maybe this isnt required - however, I was led to beleive if you wish to play online i.e me on Fortnite,(console 1) whislt my son in parallel plays fornite online on his Console,  then we need 2 seperate online accounts?

    Questions is:-

    Am I wrong on the above scenario, if so:-

    Can I cancel account 2 and receive a rebate, or transfer it to next years subscription under my Console 1 account?

    If the above is true::-

    Can I transfer the PS plus account to a new Adult account to allow online access, then create a Sub user via parental controls as i had done with all specific restrictions, so the console and him has access to fortnite online.


  • hullabeano


    hullabeano 19 July, 2019 @ 14:41


    Much appreciated, make sense now!