Charge into battle

Pilot some of history's most iconic tanks in a free-to-play 15-vs-15 multiplayer shooter.


World of Tanks

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:

    Game overview

    Military goliaths battle it out in an explosive, free-to-play recreation of twentieth century mobile warfare.

    Command history’s most powerful tanks in epic free-to-play, massively multiplayer warfare, where you’re the commander. Over 700 tanks from 12 different nations are yours to control, with customisation available to truly tailor your war machine.

    Test your skills against computer-controlled opponents in the Proving Grounds, then get online, form a platoon with your friends and unleash your high calibre tactics for victory.

    • Rewarding ops: Valor offers massive rewards for the dedicated Tank Commander, including up to 4 exclusive, powerful tanks to command upon the battlefield. 
    • Monthly challenges: Every month, experience unique challenges offering even greater rewards. Prove your skill and grow your arsenal.
    • Revised balance: Look forward to frequent tank balance updates for ever evolving warfare.
    • Visually stunning: Highly detailed graphics, complex physics, and realistic sound effects combine to bring the battlefield to life.

    World of Tanks: Valor

    Show that you have what it takes to earn up to four new and exclusive tanks in the most rewarding update yet. Joining the battle in World of Tanks: Valor:

    • Soviet Object 244
      A well-armoured brawler ready to take the fight to the front lines.
    • SU-130PM
      Built to lay waste to the opposition with absolutely massive damage.
    • Kampfpanzer 50t
      A deadly sniper able to rip through enemy armour with ease.
    • T95E6
      A Tier-X heavy ready to bring home victory on any battlefield with a hard-hitting gun, mobility and armour.

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