Wonderbook™: Diggs Nightcrawler

  • PS3

Can you help storybook detective Diggs unravel the truth behind Humpty Dumpty’s downfall?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
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    • Help bookworm gumshoe Diggs get to the bottom of a series of murky mysteries in Library City and prove yourself a partner he can rely on.
    • Interact with Wonderbook to search the streets of Library City for clues, question classic nursery rhyme characters and discover surprises on every page.
    • Enjoy a stylish story from Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios that mixes atmospheric sleuthing with the tale of Humpty Dumpty’s messy demise.
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    A hard-boiled mystery

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall… or did he? You’d better grab your trusty Wonderbook and team up with Library City’s number one private investigator, Diggs Nightcrawler, to find out.

    If trouble brews down in Library City, sooner or later Diggs gets a knock on his door. He’s the best gumshoe in town – if there’s a clue to be uncovered, he’ll uncover it. If there’s a villain to be nabbed, you can rely on Diggs to do the nabbing.

    So when Diggs’s pal Humpty takes a tumble, it proves to be the sleuth’s toughest job yet. That’s where you come in. Because it’s not just Humpty who’s gone to pieces – entire pages of the city’s well-loved stories are going walkabout, and it’s too much for one bookworm to handle.

    Keep your eyes peeled and the pages of this mystery turning, and you might just do what all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t: put Humpty together again in Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler, only on PlayStation 3.

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    The new kid in town

    You can’t just waltz into any crime scene in Library City, so before you get cracking in Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler, some official identification is called for. After following simple on-screen instructions to set up your Wonderbook, PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera, you’ll get the chance to pose for your very own detective’s mugshot.

    With clearance to join Diggs on his investigation, you’ll find your Wonderbook gives you the perfect view of each new lead in this twisting, turning case. While Diggs acts as the eyes and ears down on the street, your job is to spot anything he misses – or back him up should he fall out with Lady Luck.   

    Each page reveals a new scene packed with tributes to famous black and white detective movies. The story unfolds at night, Diggs’s office, lit by a single lamp, is strewn with papers and when you pay a visit to Humpty’s Club you’ll be treated to jazz music and wisecracking cops.

    Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios has worked with SCE London Studio to create a game drenched in stylish effects – tyre-squealing car chases, a moody soundtrack and more – that you’ll be scrambling to explore.

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    Book him, Diggs

    From the moment you rotate your Wonderbook to step into Diggs’s office, you are a crucial part of the chase to reveal the culprit behind Humpty Dumpty’s downfall.

    Look out for prompts in the top right corner of your screen that show you what to do with your Wonderbook. For instance, when Diggs sets off in pursuit of the crook who tried to frame him for Humpty’s assault, you must spot the telltale shadow at the end of each street and turn your Wonderbook to point Diggs in the right direction.

    Shepherding isn’t necessarily a skill you’d think useful to a private eye, yet Bo Peep’s pesky sheep often obstruct your enquiries. It’s nothing a quick shake of your Wonderbook can’t fix, however. And when Diggs finds himself stuck at a dead end, the bookworm looks to your quick thinking to save the hour – so you might redirect a street light by tilting the Wonderbook or retrieve a clue from a shark-infested sewer by bashing the predator on the nose.

    Once you’ve finished each chapter, a set of photo assignments will be unlocked and you can earn PlayStation Network trophies by snapping Diggs in action using your motion controller. Ready to get to work? It’s over to you, kid.

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    Wonderbook™: Diggs Nightcrawler

    Wonderbook™: Diggs Nightcrawler