Tom Clancy's™ Ghost Recon® Predator

Lead your elite squad as you go deep behind enemy lines to accomplish your mission.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: TBC
    • Cut through the jungle deep into enemy territory and strike before they even know you’re there.
    • Master high-tech equipment, including drones, air support and prototype weapons, and unlock gear and weapons for your soldiers by gaining experience.
    • Create a rifle team with up to two other friends and employ flanking tactics to outsmart the opposition.

    Choose your army

    The Sri Lankan jungle is no place for the unprepared; you're thrown into a thick maze populated by ruthless rebels, unknown terrain and a constant barrage of enemy fire. There are, however, plenty of plants and rocks to snap cover behind as you approach your enemy target, which makes for perfect waus to sneak up on foes and launch a surprise attack. Remember to always tactically switch between Ghosts as you enter new areas and keep an eye out for enemies, while scanning the environment for new hiding places for you and your troopers.

    Each Ghost features their own traits, with each one measured in terms of weapons, stealth and endurance. It is essential to select the right team for a tactical advantage over your enemies, so pay close attention to each attribute before a mission. Use the armoury screen to choose weapons for each Ghost and the customisation screen to alter their appearance and create the ultimate Ghost Recon squad for each new mission.

    If you're unsure about what lurks in the distance, use your binoculars and zoom in by pressing the X button. That way you can asses the best route for you and your comrades to take. You can also use your Command Map to pinpoint your position and see what the surrounding area has in store for you.


    Experience is paramount

    Tension fills the air as you and your comrades venture deep into unknown territory, in the jungles of Sri Lanka with just 72 hours to eliminate targets and pave the way for an invasion by the United States army. You are the Ghosts, and you have been set a deadly mission in order to save your country.

    At the outset of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator, a tutorial leads you and two other Ghosts through your first mission, allowing you to get to grips with aiming and firing weapons, guiding comrades and learning how to stay alive in this dangerous terrain. Initially you are a three-man squad with limited equipment - sneaking, crawling and fighting your way through hostile jungle territory.

    Your first mission will see you assaulting and searching a major activist recruiting facility, prior to locating the head of the Mampuri Guard who are defending civilians from these dangerous factions. After completing this mission, weapons and attachments become available to you so you can strengthen your squad and take on enemies more effectively as things get heated between the Ghosts and the Sri Lankan military.

    Gaining more experience points in each mission allows for more customisation and results in a stronger, more powerful team. You must also decide who you will be taking on your mission based on the strengths and weaknesses of each Ghost. Are they up to the task? When a fellow soldier is injured, do you put everything at stake and go back to save them, or power forwards and complete the job you were sent to do?


    Ghost tactics

    If you don't fancy entering the deadly Sri Lankan jungle alone, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator includes a Wireless multiplayer mode that allows you to team up with two friends via Ad Hoc Mode and create your own rifle team. Missions must already have been completed in a solo campaign before they can be attempted in co-operative multiplayer.

    As with solo campaigns, each mission includes a back story and a list of objectives, which could be anything from disabling an enemy base to finding civilian hostages.

    The multiplayer mode is the perfect opportunity to make use of flanking tactics with your teammates to outsmart the opposition. While one player presses on with a barrage of bullets in order to draw the enemy's fire, the other two can carefully sneak closer to the target and launch a deadly surprise attack, detonate bombs or search enemy territory without getting spotted. The only questions is this: which tactics work best for you?

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