Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007

  • PS3

The world’s finest golfer swings onto PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA SPORTS
  • Developer: EA SPORTS

    EA Sports ushers in the next generation of sports games, with unrivalled facial capture bringing all the stars of the PGA Tour to life in unprecedented detail. The power of PlayStation 3 brings the world's best pros to life, with Tiger joined by newly added players such as Luke Donald and Michael Campbell.

    Experience the pressure of tournament play, as bigger galleries watch you make your shot and follow you from hole to hole. The courses include some of the most famous layouts in the world, from St Andrews to Spyglass Hill, Firestone Country Club and Glen Abbey.

    An enhanced Career Mode challenges you to master each and every facet of the game, from soaring drives to the trickiest of putts, with a refined swing system making the quest for perfection more demanding than ever.

    Taking pride in your game comes naturally when you can take your own customised player into tournaments, and the accomplished character creation tool is better than ever in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. More items and an amazing amount of control over facial modification means you can look just how you want.

    • New facial capture technology brings Tiger and other top pros to life in jaw-dropping detail
    • Play under pressure, as tournament play brings crowds of spectators onto the course
    • New Championship Courses bring the finest PGA Tour destinations to your living room
    • Next generation visuals bring the sport to life like never before

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 screenshot 1

    Tiger's still the master

    EA swings in the next generation with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

    Tiger Woods may have narrowly missed out on winning this year's Masters tournament, but he can console himself with the knowledge that EA isn't about to recognise the eventual surprise winner of the year's first major by giving us Zach Johnson's PGA Tour 07. What's more, the latest in the firm's long-running Tiger Woods PGA Tour series makes a fine PlayStation 3 debut, using the additional power of the new system to add to the golfing atmosphere significantly.

    Be a player

    Upon starting the game, one of the first things you'll want to do - unless you'd rather play as Tiger himself - is create a player using the game's comprehensive customisation options. This is an area where the series has always excelled, but the level of detail on the players on PS3 means it's worth spending the time to get it just right. Whether you're looking to create yourself accurately in the game, or just a comedy golfing mutant, the wealth of options allows an amazing amount of control. Seeing your creation in High Definition is a real treat.

    The High Definition visuals are a huge improvement throughout, in fact, and the golf courses now look so much more convincing. The greens, fairways and rough all look far more realistic than ever before, and it's amazing just how much this adds to the game's overall atmosphere. For fans of the sport, seeing these classy recreations of famous layouts such as Firestone Country Club and Glen Abbey is a joy.

    Get on the course

    Once on the tee, the gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the series, with the intuitive analog stick control making a welcome return. That's not to say there aren't changes, though - it's now possible to apply spin to the ball by holding the spin button and tilting the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller in the direction you want while the ball's in flight. Anyone who's played golf and willed an errant ball to behave in the way you want will instantly recognise the feeling you get from this, and as such it's a subtle, effective use of the Wireless Controller.

    As you would expect from a Tiger Woods game, there's a wealth of options and modes to try, from the fun practice area and a wealth of mini-games, to the meatier challenges - including the PGA Tour itself. It makes the game an ideal choice whether you're looking to dip into it for ten minutes or play several rounds with friends on a lazy weekend afternoon.

    EA has effortlessly raised its game for Tiger's first PS3 tour, and the result is something that all golf fans will want to try.

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