The Shoot

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS3

See your name in lights as you inflict mass destruction on a variety of action movie sets.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Cohort Studios
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    • Experience an all-action shooter that challenges you to aim, fire and take down uniquely themed enemies using the PlayStation Move motion controller.
    • Impress the Director and the critics to land more roles and have a shot at becoming the ultimate action movie star.
    • Put yourself at the heart of the action on five themed sets using the PlayStation Move shooting attachment (working title).
    • Team up with a friend, or go head to head to find out who's the biggest action hero star.
    The Shoot screenshot

    A star is born

    Become the greatest action hero ever to grace the big screen in The Shoot, the PlayStation 3 game which puts you centre stage of five exciting movie productions.

    You play the lead in Outlawed, Robotomus Crime, Haunted House Party, The Mob and Deep Perils, blasting your way through gunslingers, robot aliens, gangsters and ghouls to keep your director happy and box office success flowing.

    Dynamic visuals brilliantly showcase the chaotic movie sets you come to call your office. As you are guided through each area, distinctive cut-outs dramatically appear for you blow to bits using the PlayStation Move motion controller. The pace is unremitting, with something catching your eye on-screen at all times, be it a civilian being taken hostage by a gnarled outlaw, a subway train being taken over by pesky robot drones or rowdy ghosts causing havoc at a party.

    Take part in Career Mode, where you will bid to become the hottest ticket in Hollywood through a series of testing film shoots, and Score Attack, which lets you play through unlocked scenes to rack up top scores. Meanwhile, Challenges Mode pitches you into a series of specialised scenarios, such as City Siege, where you must shoot blimps to drop bombs on tanks attacking your city.

    Featuring non-stop running and gunning, The Shoot is a real test of your deadeye abilities with PlayStation Move – but if you fail, you’ll never work in this town again.

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    You’re fired!

    The PlayStation Move motion controller is your trusty sure shooter throughout your film career, offering unparalleled precision as you fire at the bad guys and make a name for yourself as a must-see action star. You can even slot your motion controller into the PlayStation Move shooting attachment for added realism and extra comfort for your itchy trigger finger.

    Before you can attempt to pull in the crowds, you must convince your toughest audience of all, the temperamental director, that you’re the real deal. Your accuracy with the motion controller influences your volatile director’s mood. Aim the motion controller at the screen and press the T button to shoot enemies to keep him on the edge of his seat, making sure not to miss too many targets – but mess up once too often and he’ll cut the take. Use up five takes and you’ll be hurled out of the production.

    Carefully work your way through each scene to complete a movie with the highest possible score, and the plaudits for your performance will rain down. Consistently shooting enemy targets boosts your multiplier to nudge your score skywards, and also activates special Style Shots like the slow motion Showtime, the destructive Shockwave and the machine gun-like Rampage. 

    Dodge incoming missiles by moving the motion controller to either side, duck behind cover by moving the motion controller down and shoot from the hip by pointing the motion controller first at the ground, then at an enemy at just the right moment. This latter Quickdraw move is especially useful in spotlight moments, when all eyes will be on you to see if you can defeat a key enemy, and is just one more example of the versatility of PlayStation Move in The Shoot.

    The Shoot screenshot

    Partners in crime

    As your movie career gets bigger, you can revisit unlocked scenes in Score Attack Mode with a friend in a two player game where you must each work with or against the other.

    In The Shoot you must be ready to stake your claim for top billing in a movie at the very beginning of each scene. When a scene starts, a target will be shown – whoever shoots it first becomes the Star Player for that scene, gaining the ability to dodge attacks and perform in the climactic spotlight moments.

    You and your friend are represented on-screen by coloured cross hairs, and you must shoot your way through the scene together, working side by side to pick off every last target and post huge scores. You each have your own multiplier, but Style Shots are shared.

    You can also use a second pair of eyes to seek out special torn poster pieces in each scene. Collect all these pieces and put them together in Challenges Mode to unlock a special challenge for each movie.

    Be a lone gun or a one half of a sharpshooting double act in The Shoot on PlayStation 3. Have you got what it takes to wow Hollywood?

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