Tales from Space: About a Blob

  • PS3

Play as a hungry monster from space in this side scrolling puzzle-platformer with an appetising, retro art style.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: TBC
    Tales from Space: About a Blob Featured Image
    • Absorb tasty humans, farm animals and eventually the world!
    • Join in the feast at any time thanks to delicious local co-op support.
    • Use the powers of magnetism and electricity to find your next meal.
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    Beautiful blobs

    Earth is a strange place for blobs, and after being caged up in a lab it's no wonder they have little respect for our planet. You'll make your way through everything from a secret lab to farm lands, gobbling just about anything in sight. In green fields, take your pick from potatoes, corn, cabbage and fruit - even blobs need their five a day. You might even find the odd cow or bale of hay to snack on, providing you're big enough to handle it.

    A more industrial environment awaits you at the power plant, and you'll be verging on obese by the time you get that far. Make your lunch out of workmen, machinery and electrical equipment; they may not taste particularly good but they'll certainly help you pile on the pounds.

    Dotted around each level are lost blob friends. You can rescue these little guys by gulping them down too, and they'll earn you extra points.

    Available to download from PlayStation Store, Tales from Space: About a Blob houses a charming art style that complements its weird and wonderful concept, coupled with an energetic soundtrack and amusing sound effects. There really is nothing quite like hearing a blob blissfully gobble up a forklift truck.

    Tales from Space: About a Blob screenshot

    A freaky feast

    A ravenous alien blob has mysteriously landed on Earth, and he needs your help. Merely a droplet, he is stuck in a science lab but just isn't strong enough to escape on his own. Take control of the blob and build his strength and size by devouring just about anything you can - snooker balls, corks and pens are all fair game in blob diets.

    Once you've gobbled enough laboratory equipment you'll be able to make your way out of there by solving puzzles and eating larger objects. Squeeze through tight spaces, jump onto higher surfaces and keep snacking on tasty treats to hit your size target. You won't be able to pass through to the next level until you're big, strong and scary enough to tackle the surprises that are in store.

    And as blobs have the nifty, yet disgusting, ability to spit out anything they've munched on, you'll soon be regurgitating drawing pins, candles and dice to attack enemies, weigh down objects to create new paths and push buttons to open doors.

    Collect handy special abilities such as magnetism and electricity to attract and repel objects, stick to surfaces and cut off the power supply to dangerous electrical hazards.

    Tales from Space: About a Blob screenshot

    Two blobs are better than one

    It turns out your blob wasn't the only one to have landed on Earth. Tales from Space: About a Blob features a local co-op mode so you and a fellow blob can tackle challenges and stuff your ever-growing faces together.

    Having another blob around is not only great company, it's really handy for completing challenges and working your way through levels too. One of you can attack enemies with your edible ammunition while the other jumps over the platforms to scoff food and locate the exit.

    Co-op mode is also a great way to solve puzzles that aren't immediately obvious. Trial and error is often the only way to figure out how to get past such obstacles, and is much more fun and less time-consuming when there are two of you on the case.

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