Table Mini Golf

Tee off in style on amazing courses that spring into life on any flat surface.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Four Door Lemon
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    • Use a single AR Play Card and your PS Vita system’s rear camera to transform the world around you into a series of themed mini-golf courses.
    • Choose your player, grab your putter and head out onto the course to show off your flair as a mini golfer.
    • Win one-off games in style and triumph in multiplayer tournaments with a touch of panache to earn skill points, complete various challenges and level up your player.
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    Perfect putt

    Teeing off with Table Mini Golf couldn’t be easier, and the game is cleverly structured to ensure your focus stays on the fun. Simply place your AR Cards on a flat surface, aim the PS Vita system’s rear camera at them and voila! A spectacular mini golf course materialises right there in front of you.

    The bright, bouncy main menu gives instant access to a variety of game options as well as to the online leader boards, your personal stats and – best of all – a colourful clubhouse where you’ll soon be stacking up trophies. Before you do so, however, you’ll need to select one of the three wacky golfers on offer – a scowling pirate, sultry siren or brawny superhero.

    The game boasts two themed 18-hole courses and it’s safe to say they’re more exciting than any mini golf course you’ve seen in real life. One has a haunted house vibe, brimming with cartoon ghouls and ghostly goings-on, while the other is inspired by Treasure Island-style tales of pirates. What’s more, new courses can be downloaded from PlayStation Store – so there’s always a fresh challenge ahead.

    The in-game music, too, is perfectly tailored to the zany action, with organ swells and spooky bells to accompany your jaunt around the horror course and cheery jigs and shanties when you’re putting with the pirates. It all amounts to an inspired, playful take on mini golf that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality – and one that’s sure to keep you swinging (and smiling) for a long time to come.

    Table Mini Golf screenshot

    Swing when you’re winning

    Table Mini Golf offers three ways to play: a handy tutorial for learning the ropes; Free Play mode, which lets you choose your own path through the game; and an Elimination Tournament, which sees you tee off against three computer-controlled opponents in a bid to be crowned the best mini golfer in town.

    Once you’ve placed the AR Cards on a flat surface and aimed the PS Vita system’s rear camera at them, the fun begins. The hole you’re about to tackle will be mapped onto your chosen playing surface in all its topsy-turvy cartoon glory, complete with weird, wild obstacles like creepy spiders and ghostly skulls. Moving the PS Vita system’s rear camera lets you roam around the hole for a better view of the situation; when you’ve scoped out the hazards and set up your shot, it’s time to come out swinging.

    With incredibly intuitive, lifelike ball mechanics, mastering the game will take some time – and it’s well worth the effort. When you’ve conquered each course solo, have a bash at the multiplayer mode, which allows up to four friends to compete on one PS Vita system. The excitement and hilarity really ramp up as you put all the tricks you’ve learned into practice against your mates – after all, you don’t want them climbing ahead of you on the online leader board…

    • Players

      1-4 Players

    • Has Downloadable Content

      Has Downloadable Content

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