Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

  • PS3

Strong Bad claims his throne as the King of Style.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: TellTale Games
  • Developer: TellTale Games
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    • Rule your very own country, star in the blockbuster movie of the year, and defeat Trogdor in this outrageous adventure.
      • Journey through five episodes packed with bizarre characters and hilarious storylines.
      • Enjoy an original story written by Mike and Matt Chapman and the team behind the acclaimed Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max games.


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      Weird and wonderful

      Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is packed with wacky missions, bizarre characters and charming settings.

      Let’s start with the characters. Each one is completely unique and hilarious, from the flower-obsessed Marzipan to Bubs, a wacky guy who runs a very random concession stand. Find all of them, chat to them and create naughty or nice conversations, depending on how cheeky you’re feeling.

      Along with each episode’s main objectives are loads of humorous side missions for you to discover. Keep your eye out for hats, trousers and shoes to create amazing new looks, set things on fire and even call your friends mean names to complete your overall Awesomeness Chart.

      These crazy characters and funny missions are located in delightful, charming and very surreal settings such as the House of Strong, The Castle and Club Technochocolate. Explore them all and add them to your map so you can revisit them any time.

      Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People Featured Image

      Cool and attractive

      Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People on PlayStation 3 takes you on a series of hilarious adventures set over five quirky episodes, starring Strong Bad - the boastful short-tempered hero in the lucha libra mask.

      Each episode begins at Strong Bad's computer, where he reads an email that spurs him on to head out on a crazy mission. You must control Strong Bad as he takes on lovable oaf Homestar in an epic race, tries to become the ruler of his town and even attempts to make it as a rock star.

      As you explore your surroundings, you'll find new locations to add to your trusty map. Place them wherever you like and use the map at any point to quickly revisit different areas. There are loads of colourful characters hanging about - make sure you chat to them. Not only is the dialogue hilarious, but these weird and wonderful folk may have more information to help you complete your mission.

      There are cartoons to draw, prank phone calls to make and treasure to find - download Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People now from PlayStation Store.

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