South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • PS3

An epic quest to become… cool.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
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    • Rise from the fourth-grade playground as a new kid destined to become South Park’s saviour – and more importantly, cool. Fail, and you shall forever be known as… a loser.
    • Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as their new friend in a hilarious quest written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
    • Arm yourself with legendary weapons to defeat crabpeople, underpants gnomes, hippies and other forces of evil.
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    Come on down to South Park

    Welcome to South Park, Colorado; a quiet little mountain town where, behind the humble rows of houses, an eternal war is being waged between humans and elves for the most important prize in the universe: the Stick of Truth.

    Under the guidance of the Wizard King – also known as Cartman – valiant warriors Butters, Princess Kenny, Token and many more do battle in the backyards and snowy streets of South Park – for whoever controls the Stick of Truth shall wield ultimate power…

    You’re a new kid in town, freshly moved in to South Park and sent out by your parents to make some friends – and it just so happens that Cartman’s band of warriors are recruiting.

    But as you fight to prove yourself in the quest to reclaim the Stick of Truth, far more sinister things start happening around South Park. Is that really a Taco Bell opening at the mall… or a huge government cover-up that threatens the entire town? Who – or what – is ManBearPig? And what the heck does it take to become cool around here?

    South Park Stick Of Truth screenshot

    Ample parking day or night

    If you’re a fan of the South Park cartoon, this is the game you’ve been waiting for; from the moment you arrive in your new house, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight into an episode of the show. The distinctive 2D art style is faithfully recreated on your PlayStation 3 and as you make your way around the streets, you’ll recognise familiar locations like Tom’s Rhinoplasty, South Park Elementary School, and all of the houses and playgrounds you’ve come to know over the years.

    Many of the characters are voiced by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, just as they are in the cartoon series – so Cartman’s whine, Kenny’s mumble and every cry of “Dude, gross!” is entirely authentic. Stone and Parker also wrote the game’s storyline, so playing The Stick of Truth genuinely feels like taking an active part in a huge South Park episode, complete with all the outrageous humour you’d expect.

    As with the cartoon, behind the gross-out gags there’s an intelligent, intricate plot with plenty of references to movies, TV and popular culture; from the Skyrim-esque (but much smellier) Dragon Shout magic to the social network site that brings your friends together. Just watch out for Al Gore’s friend request…

    South Park Stick Of Truth screenshot

    Friendly faces everywhere

    As the new kid in town, you can choose how you look and dress and your name… although this won’t really count for much, as Cartman dubs you Sir Douchebag. Your first quest will be to make friends around South Park – because as every kid knows, being popular means being cool.

    You’ll meet all the characters you know from the cartoon, many of whom are in the middle of a role-playing game, fighting for the Stick of Truth. Cartman is the Wizard King of the humans, alongside his sidekicks Butters and Princess Kenny, while Kyle and Stan lead their sworn enemies the elves. If you need to travel quickly around town, Timmy is always on hand to give you a ride, while Jimmy pops up as a bard to provide songs of enchantment.

    As well as the kids, the rest of the South Park cast will appear around the town as part of your quests. Kyle’s mom, Mr Garrison and Mr Mackey form the school PTA, Al Gore sneaks around searching for ManBearPig, while Priest Maxi sends you on a mission to find Jesus… who’s not very good at hide and seek. Some characters can be summoned in battle, like Mr Kim or Mr Slave, whose special move is something that you’ll never have seen in a game before. Ever.

    South Park Stick Of Truth screenshot

    Who controls the stick… controls the universe

    Beneath the cartoon graphics and outrageous humour, you’ll find an immersive role-playing game with plenty to keep you busy. Making friends around South Park can mean completing tasks – like delivering a special package for Tweek or finding a magical flute for Jimmy – which then unlocks perks to make you stronger in battle.

    The XP you earn bestows special abilities – like throwing rotten eggs at enemies to gross them out and make them puke. And what fantasy RPG is complete without magic? Wizard King Cartman will teach you the powerful Dragon Shout – a pungent attack that can be let off towards your enemy or an open flame to create a deadly fireball.

    Combat is turn-based and you’ll have lots of weapons to choose from and modify. You’ll pick up costumes that grant additional armour, plus a stack of potions to top up your skills and attacks. You can also choose a companion to follow you into battle, each with their own powers; Butters transforms into Professor Chaos, while Princess Kenny distracts the enemy with his “charms”.

    Add in a wealth of side quests and collectibles – like Chinpokomon toys, or underpants for the gnomes living behind your bedroom wall – and you’ll be playing, laughing and thoroughly grossed-out for many hours to come.

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