Resident Evil: Dead Aim

The Survivor series mutates to spawn a perfect hybrid of zombie shooting and suspense-filled exploration

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom

    The poor old Umbrella Corporation, no sooner have they set up a top-secret lair to produce evil, biological, undead weapons, than S.T.A.R.S come along and break all their toys. Not to be outdone, the corporation that likes to says 'Brains' has set up a secret testing facility on a cruise liner and are doing all things biohazardous off shore. It's up to you as Bruce MacGavin, anti-Umbrella pursuit team agent, to get out your trusty 9mm and do some investigative blasting.

    The Lightgun spin-off to Capcom's blockbuster survival horror series has grown up with this, the fourth instalment. No longer is this series a poor-man's House of the Dead, Capcom has taken the best bits of the G-Con blaster and mixed it with the third-person exploration and puzzle solving of the main Resident Evil games.

    As you sneak around the huge, shadowy ship, you'll examine cabins and chase down the mysterious Umbrella member, Morpheus. Of course, this wouldn't be Resident Evil if it didn't have zombies and Dead Aim is no exception. The boat is teeming with the undead and only steady nerves and an even steadier aim will let you get past them. As a lightgun game, when you enter the first-person shooting mode you can only see forward, so you'll have to keep an ear out as walking corpses approach from your blind sides. This makes for frantic, panic-fuelled encounters emulating the best fright scenes from the movies.

    But the zombies better shamble a bit faster than usual because you're armed with the highest quality, high calibre weaponry including automatic pistols, shotguns, SMGs and grenade launchers. Fans of the Survivor series and the classic Resi' Evil loyalists can finally put their differences aside and dive into a dark world that'll scare the pants off both of them.


    • Unique mix of third-person exploration and first person lightgun blasting

    • Unique sea-borne environment

    • Two new Resident Evil heroes to help fight Umbrella - Bruce MacGavin and a mysterious, oriental female

    • G-Con 2 controller supported


    • Players

      1 Players

    • Player Types

      1 Player Types


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