Go from zero to hero

Race through deadly dungeons to beat both the fiercest of foes… and your friends. 


ReadySet Heroes

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Party
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Robot Entertainment

    Game overview

    Grab your sword and keep up the pace in this madcap multiplayer action game

    Hack, slash and spell-cast your way into a manic dungeon crawler where there are monsters to be slain, traps to be dodged and power enhancing loot to be scooped. The catch? There’s another team rushing to do the same – meaning whoever reaches the end of the dungeon first triggers a final challenge, which ranges from snail racing to an all-out arena brawl, where only one squad will be left standing.

    With castles full of gold, haunted graveyards and volcanic caves awaiting you, do you have the wits, speed and might to come out on top? 

    ReadySet Heroes will be coming to PC with cross-play at a later date.



    Key features

    Accessible gameplay

    Customise your favourite hero and jump into intuitive, high energy gameplay designed for quick 10-minute sessions that anyone can pick up, understand and enjoy. 

    Fast-paced multiplayer action

    Go for glory in a competitive free-for-all, team up with a friend and take on two other mates in couch multiplayer, or battle it out online.

    PlayStation Plus

    Get ready for battle

    Go online via PlayStation Plus and duke it out with friends across the world for bragging rights and loot.


    See ReadySet Heroes in action

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