Upgrade your suit, weapons and ship to adapt to life at the edge of infinity

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Your place in the galaxy

Exist among the stars

The galaxy is dotted with countless solar systems, where the terrain, climate and atmosphere of the planets you discover can vary wildly.

Temperatures can plummet to sub-zero levels on one planet, while another could be baking in burning heat. Others could be smothered with deadly radiation or drenched in toxic rain from poisonous clouds.

An unwary Traveller can easily perish in these extremes, and making your way towards the galaxy’s centre will mean exploring at the extremes of your endurance – so you’ll need to be well equipped if you want to survive.


Survival of the fittest

Upgrading your gear

The elements you find on your travels can be used to craft technologies, giving you a fighting chance of survival as the galaxy becomes more inhospitable.

Whether you live or die on these planets depends on your suit. Installing technologies can help withstand the hazards the galaxy throws at you, whether it’s extremes of temperature or lethal doses of radiation.

They can also help you hold your breath for longer, run faster or jump higher – which could be just what you need to escape an aggressive creature, outrun a Sentinel or find shelter in the nick of time.

Stay safe, Traveller

Life and death

If your journey ends from a pirate’s laser cannon, the claws of an unknown beast or you succumb to the elements of an unforgiving world, death can have an impact on your journey.

Resources will be lost and your technology damaged, potentially rendering it unusable until you’re able to fix it.

But fear not; your body will regenerate and if you’re brave or foolhardy enough, you can revisit the point of your demise to collect the valuables you lost.


Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.

Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.