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Enjoy an authentic basketball experience...all season long.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA SPORTS
    NBA Live 10 screenshot
    • Feel the emotion and intensity grow as the electricity inside the arena intensifies dynamically based on rivalry games, time of year, and what’s on the line
    • Dynamic DNA provides daily player and team updates based on real-world performance
    • Slow it down or pick up the tempo based on your teams real style and bring it all home with authentic NBA playbooks
    NBA Live 10 screenshot

    It's in the game

    If it's in the NBA, then you'll find it here. The game features authentic players, teams and stadia, and details such as realistic crowd reactions in big games and the squeaks of trainers on the hardwood court immerse you completely in the action.

    Not only does NBA LIVE 10 resemble the real-life sport, it reacts to it in real time. Dynamic Season Mode provides a daily update, providing up-to-date results, player form and injuries to make matches as realistic as possible. You can even play through the NBA season as it happens or go back in time to create your own, alternate basketball history.

    The data used to calculate all of this, known in-game as Dynamic DNA, can be accessed in a separate mode that lets you view scouting reports and performance statistics. Not only does this tool let you work out your on-court tactics, it also gives you an insight into the real NBA and a comprehensive guide to how your favourite teams and players are performing.

    Few sports games have ever blurred the lines between virtual and real like NBA LIVE 10 does.

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    Stepping onto the court

    As basketball fans would expect, NBA LIVE 10 is about speed, skill and fluidity of movement. Controls are simple on the surface, allowing anyone to jump in and slam-dunk like a pro, with a second layer of complexity for experts to stand out from the crowd.

    Most actions can be performed with one button, such as the X button to pass and the SQUARE button to shoot, and variations are possible by holding additional buttons - hold the R2 button and shoot in the right spot to perform a slam-dunk, for example. Skill moves are assigned to the right stick, providing a set of twists and feints tailored to each player that are essential for finding space and, of course, that ubiquitous showboating.

    Alongside Dynamic Season Mode, the main single player campaign is Dynasty Mode, giving you complete control of any NBA team, on and off the court. You'll have to hire staff, trade players, pick up new talent in the draft, train your squad and work on your tactics using the deep range of tools and settings provided.

    If jumping into the action is more your thing, you can dive straight into the Playoffs and even compete in the FIBA World Championship and take your country to international glory.

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    Going global

    In addition to offline multiplayer for up to four players, you can take on the best opposition the world has to offer online.

    In Team Play, you take control of a single player and work with four others in a game of five-on-five. You can then take this style of play to the next level in adidas LIVE Run and join an online squad in search of world domination. You can pick your favourite player, shoes and gear and then hit the court in a first to 21 match-up. New seasons begin each month, giving you and your teammates plenty of opportunity to make your mark.

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