MotorStorm® Arctic Edge

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The MotorStorm festival is unleashed in Alaska.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Bigbig Studios
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Motorstorm Arctic Edge Trailer Screenshots
  • Brand new vehicles, the Snowcat and the Snow Machine.
  • Personalise your vehicle with wheels, exhausts, spoilers, liveries and stickers.
  • Race against other players using Infrastructure or Ad Hoc Mode.
  • Head over to the MotorStorm Carrier in PlayStation Home* and discover some cool mini-games.

*Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge Gamescom 2009 screenshot

New festival, new challenges

MotorStorm's breakneck racing festival has ripped up the Monument Valley desert and smashed through everything in its way on The Island, and now the world's most frenetic off-road racing tournament is set for a whole new challenge: the freezing, relentless, bone chilling temperatures of Alaska.

Seasoned MotorStorm racers and newcomers alike contend with vicious opponents, as well as hazardous obstacles such as sudden avalanches, broken ice bridges and three different, and completely unforgiving, racing altitudes. This is going to be the most hostile terrain and environment you are ever going to face, so ready yourself for the toughest MotorStorm festival to date.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge Gamescom 2009 screenshot

Say hello to Time Ticker

As you roar through each race, you're required to finish in the top three in order to win racing points and unlock the next racing challenge in the racing tier. Alongside the requisite racing challenges, there are a number of new additions to the Festival this time around. Time Ticker requires you to increase your points from 0 to 999, adding points to your tally depending on your race position. Stay in first and your points increase dramatically the longer you maintain the lead, and once you have reached 999, the race is over, and another challenge is unlocked.

Aside from the main event, there are also Time Trail modes and Free Play, where you can best your lap times and get to grips with different vehicles on the huge selection of courses available to you. Plus, each time you complete a race new kit is unlocked for you to add to your array of vehicles, offering up a huge wealth of customisation options that can really set your vehicle apart from the others, especially in the hugely addictive multiplayer modes.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge Gamescom 2009 screenshot

Rev your engines

Packed with 12 racing routes, each of which can be played forward or in reverse, offering up multiple paths crammed with huge arching jumps, winding caverns and falling debris that require quick thinking and nerves of steel, Arctic Edge will test even the hardest MotorStorm racer. Controlling each vehicle is simple and intuitive, much like the PS3 iteration of the breakneck racer. The L button accelerates, while the R button brakes, with the Circle and X buttons functioning as your boost and handbrake respectively.

Once you've got to grips with the controls, Arctic Edge gets down to business as you play through and master each and every route on the grueling courses conjured. There are eight vehicles classes available for you to choose from as you progress through the game, with each class offering up a trio of models to unlock and race with.

While Rally cars, bikes, quads and Big Rigs make a welcome return to the Festival, there are some new additions for MotorStorm's PSP debut. These include the hulking Snow Ploughs and the sleek and speedy Snowmobiles, both of which offer up their own unique ways of helping you win each race. With the Snow Plough, nothing can stand in your way as you carve a path through the course, wreaking havoc with the smaller, less sturdy vehicles, while the Snowmobile lets you move quickly in and around other vehicles straight off the starting line.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge Gamescom 2009 screenshot

Test your racing might online

When you've honed your skills and mastered the tracks, the time is rife to take your racing skills online in Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Mode, where up to six players can battle it out on a course of their choice for the top spot. In Infrastructure Mode, provided you have access to a Wireless Internet Connection, you can either create a game of your choice, or simply jump in on another player's race anywhere in the world.

In designing your race, you can select whether or not you want to race a track in forwards or reverse, opt to duke it out in either a race or Time Ticker battle, or take part in up to five laps, should you want to make the race that bit more challenging. In Ad Hoc Mode, the options are exactly the same. MotorStorm Arctic Edge is packed with a wealth of adrenaline pumping modes, a thumping soundtrack and an insurmountable number of customisation options and you'll find yourself constantly adding new looks to your army of racing machines to showcase online.

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