ModNation™ Racers

PlayStation Exclusives
  • Also on PS3

Mod, drive and race with your friends wherever and whenever you like!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: United Front Games
  • Also on PS3
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  • Create your own racer from loads of different options.
  • Design a killer kart for your mod character, creating anything from a sleek, sporty number to an anarchic banger covered in graffiti.
  • Put the pedal to the metal with your mod as you tackle the twists and turns of ModNation Racers' pre-made tracks or create your own ultimate racetrack.
  • Make a pit stop in PlayStation Home* and check out the cool mini-game in the ModNation Racers Club.

*Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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Welcome to the world of ModNation

Power up your PSP (PlayStation Portable) and get ready for a heady mixture of creativity and fast, furious racing fun with ModNation Racers, which combines great entertainment for all the family: beginners and driving pros alike.

Starting out you get yourself a mod character and kart to customise and modify however you want, and with the vast wealth of customisation options available to you from the outset, the possibilities are endless. Once you have created your mod character it's just a case of battling it out on a series of awesomely tricky tracks and beating your opponents to the finish line in style.

You can jump, boost and swerve your way around all of the tracks together or play against friends and other PlayStation fans using ModNation Racers' Wireless Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode. You can even design your own tracks to share with other players around the world too.

ModNation Racers PSP screenshot

The mod squad

ModNation Racers takes place in a world obsessed with kart racing, where mods dream of fame, fortune and the number one spot on the kart racing podium. In the single player campaign you play as Tag, a promising young kart racer who also happens to be a top class graffiti artist turning heads in the karting with your slick driving skills and cool custom vehicles.

Riding alongside Tag on his journey to the top is his mother, a paint shop owner and his crew chief. Along the way you'll have to battle not only the other kart racers but Tag's uncle, who wants him to give everything up and join his car dealership business, and Espresso, the reigning track champ.

ModNation Racers PSP screenshot

Choose your mode

ModNation Racers features plenty of single player modes to keep you busy before you venture online to PlayStation Network to compete against friends and other players across the globe. First up is the career campaign, where your goal is to take control of Tag and compete against the current ModNation racing champions using fast moves and an array of weaponry.

To move on to the next race and progress your career, you need to finish in the top three, but the game also features a number of additional objectives throughout each race that, if completed, reward you with bonuses that can then be used to unlock new content to customise your kart and mod with.

Other fun-filled modes to master include Pure Race mode, where all weapons have been removed from the tracks transforming the game into a straight up battle for the finish line. If want to mix your races up a little then opt for Action Race mode which features racing and combat. Another great mode is Last Kart Standing where the goal is to eliminate all of your opponents to claim the victory.

ModNation Racers PSP screenshot

Create and share

ModNation Racers features deep and easy to use customisation options including the ability to create and race on your very own tracks. Once built, you can then share them with your friends and other players via PlayStation Network. The game also features Wireless Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode for up to six players, so you can show off your racing skills online with a group of friends.

Track creations can also be shared, and you can upload your own mods and karts for other players to download for free. Plus, if you see something you like that another player has created, you can download that to your PSP too.

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Multiplayer and all online features for this product will be terminated, and this game will no longer be playable from 10th October 2018