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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix
    FF13 Lightning Returns Featured Image
    • Take control of Lightning in a world on course for annihilation, and customise not only her appearance, but also her abilities.
    • Use your limited time to complete missions and visit areas only available during selected periods.
    • Choose your quests wisely – some will disappear completely with the passing of time and you might miss out on valuable information or items.
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    Wake up and smell the Chaos

    LIGHTNING RETURNS is the finale of FINAL FANTASY XIII and is also a direct sequel to FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. The story takes place 500 years after the events of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, with our heroine Lightning awakening from hibernation. What she finds is the world of Nova Chrysalia ravaged by a disease called Chaos – and only 13 days away from being destroyed altogether. Lightning is Nova Chrysalia’s only hope.

    Lightning is chosen for this momentous, seemingly impossible task by the deity Bhunivelze, who acts as the world’s moon and whose true agenda may not be all it seems. Nova Chrysalia is divided into the Order of Salvation (those who worship Bhunivelze) and the Children of Etro (those who worship the Goddess).

    With under two weeks to save Nova Chrysalia, it’ll take every ounce of Lightning’s courage and skill to rid the land of Chaos, uncover Bhunivelze’s motives and restore order to the world. Along the way she’s helped and hindered by several characters, including the mischievous Lumina, the dangerous Snow, the ever-loyal Hope, the mysterious Noel, the gifted Vanille and the renegade Fang.

    FF13 Lightning Returns screenshot

    Ticket to ride

    The Chaos-ravaged Nova Chrysalia consists of four distinct regions, with a monorail transporting you between them: Luxerion, The Dead Dunes, Yusnaan and The Wildlands.

    Luxerion is a city ruled by Bhunivelze’s disciples, the Order of Salvation. Here you’ll find plenty of gothic architecture, including a stunning cathedral that’s home to the Order, a spooky graveyard and a decrepit area called the Warren. The Dead Dunes, meanwhile, lives up to its name, with shanties and ancient ruins scattered around the desert sands, plus tons of monsters lurking within them. Yusnaan is the polar opposite, full of life, bright lights and festivity, all presided over by Snow.

    The final area, The Wildlands, is particularly susceptible to Chaos, with monsters roaming the forest and plenty of chocobo to hitch a ride on. Each area has its own particular atmosphere, and no two regions look or feel the same.

    If you want to make the most of your time in Nova Chrysalia and let your friends know what you’ve been up to, you should access the online Outerworld Services. Here you can take and share photos, along with game updates and your stats, on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


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    Catwalk queen

    With only 13 days to save the world, time is of the essence. An in-game clock is a constant reminder of what’s at stake, and it pauses during battles, dialogue and cutscenes. You can also extend it by completing story missions and side quests. Since some missions, areas and characters are only available at certain times, every player’s experience of LIGHTNING RETURNS will be unique.

    During battles you only control Lightning and can customise her with outfits known as “garbs” that affect her abilities as well as her appearance. Each garb has its own Active Time Battle meter with actions mapped to the controller’s buttons; when the ATB meter drains for one garb, you must switch to another while it recharges. This keeps the action fast-paced and highly tactical.

    Lightning’s swords are best for close-range attacks, while magic is best reserved for long-range strikes. For instance, a handful of enemies in one place can easily be dealt with using area-effect magic such as Flame Blast, or by conjuring a whirlwind with Aerora. Each enemy has a stagger meter, which when triggered leaves them powerless against more damaging attacks. Any money earned from winning battles can then be spent on buying even more crazy magic, garbs, weapons and abilities.

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