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The dynamic duo teams up with a host of legendary DC Super Heroes to save Gotham City.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Warner Brothers Games
  • Developer: TT Games
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LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Featured Image
  • Discover LEGO Gotham City - the biggest ever LEGO game environment.
  • Play as Superman, Green Lantern and more.
  • Get closer to the action as Minifigures talk for the first time in a LEGO game.
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes screenshot

Power trip

LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES begins in suitably spectacular style, as wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne turns up at Gotham City’s glitzy Man of the Year Awards with a couple of gorgeous starlets in tow.

Wayne is a favourite to win the award and the crowd outside the theatre loves him – much to the chagrin of his rival, Lex Luthor, a billionaire businessman from the city of Metropolis. But if both men think that the night’s big struggle will be over a mere award, they’ve got a surprise in store – because behind the scenes, a bunch of Gotham’s baddest, brashest villains are preparing to cause chaos.

Led by lunatic criminal mastermind the Joker, the crooks have one intention: to wreak havoc in the city and take power themselves. The Caped Crusader is Gotham’s only hope - but with so many super villains aligned against him, can Batman save the day? 

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to – at least, not alone. Along with trusty sidekick Robin, he soon finds super powered friends from across the DC Universe rallying to his aid. Ever fancied purging Gotham of evildoers using the combined might of Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, The Flash and even Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s venerable butler? We thought so…

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes screenshot

Freedom fighters

LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES leaps into bold new territory in more ways than one, upping the excitement by introducing features never before seen in a LEGO game. For the first time, Gotham City is a huge, free-roaming environment, filled with dangerous backstreets to explore and thrilling side quests to enjoy at your leisure. It’s a  bold move for the series, allowing you to immerse yourself more fully than ever in the unfolding story.

Controls are easy to get to grips with and combat is neat and intuitive – as well as enjoyably high impact. And while there’s no blood and gore here, it’s sweet to watch defeated enemies explode in a shower of lifeless LEGO bricks. You can switch between playable characters with the tap of a button – invaluable when you need to use a certain character’s powers to overcome an obstacle – and every so often the pace slows while you solve a physics-based puzzle or hunt for the correct route to take.

Perhaps the best new feature is the ability to choose from dozens of characters, and even to pick which side you’re on. That’s right: not content with letting you soar through the dark Gotham skies as Superman and battle baddies as The Flash, the makers of LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES have also included the option to play the game as the Joker and his crooked cronies. Catwoman, the Penguin, the Riddler and more are at your disposal. Are you ready to rampage?

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes screenshot

Block party

LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES may be super fun to play solo, but in the split-screen two player co-operative mode the hilarity skyrockets.

Teaming up with a mate means twice the thrills, twice the spills and twice the explosive action – whether you stick together to take on foes as Batman and Robin, the original dynamic duo, or split up to cover twice the territory and bash double the bad guys.

There’s a special kind of excitement that comes from knowing that at any minute your friend might swoop from the skies as Superman or hurtle into a melee as brawny Bane – and when it comes to solving puzzles or building new objects from the LEGO bricks strewn around the battle-scarred city, two heads have got to be better than one.

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