Joe Danger 2: The Movie

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Conquer Hollywood as the world's most determined stuntman.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Hello Games
  • Developer: Hello Games
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  • Join Joe Danger for a death-defying thrill ride across the set of the greatest blockbuster movie ever made.
  • Race against friends via PlayStation Network and use tricks and combos to rule the leader boards.
  • Download an endless supply of new scenes from around the world, or create your own in the Movie Maker.
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Next stop, Hollywood

When you're making the world's greatest action film, you need the world's most determined stuntman. With the stage set, your moment is now in Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PlayStation 3 - and like any good blockbuster, you'll be impressed by its looks. Cheerful and colourful, Joe's high risk exploits are a treat for your eyes as timed explosions go off, giant boulders tumble down hills and avalanches threaten to swallow Joe whole.

In-between the madcap mayhem of dancing monkeys, colossal robots and evil bad guys all competing for your attention, Joe is flung around like a cartoon rag doll for maximum comedy. You'll feel for the daring fellow as he gets caught in giant bear traps, tossed into the air by exploding missiles and thrown onto spikes - and then you'll pick him up and dust him off for another go.

Keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and energetic is the enthusiastic director who shouts words of encouragement and approval, as well as warning you about upcoming obstacles. Perform particularly well and you'll hear the crowd chant Joe's name - superstardom awaits...

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Lights, camera… danger

If you're after a daredevil who can deliver high speed thrills and heart-stopping spills, there's one man for the job... and the clue is in his name. Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PlayStation 3 puts you in control of the death-defying Joe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become the ultimate stuntman on a set full of hazards that would make any ordinary performer shriek with terror.

Once you hear the movie clapperboard snap, it's show time. Leap straight into the action with the Movie mode, where you're challenged by six Acts of increasing difficulty. Each Act features a variety of scenes, where you must complete tasks such as collecting a number of floating stars, reaching a series of checkpoints or finishing the scene within a certain time limit. Throughout you'll perform a breathtaking range of high risk stunts on everything from skis and motorcycles to jet packs and mine carts.

The frantic action sees you ducking under obstacles, punching out rival racers, collecting stolen swag, avoiding security systems and smashing evil dinosaur eggs - all at incredible speed. Your reflexes and co-ordination will be tested, and luckily, Joe is resilient enough to keep up with your attempts to finish each scene.

The more challenges you complete, the more scenes, Acts and costumes you'll unlock. There are also lots of extra levels in the shape of the challenging Deleted Scenes and downloadable Tours, so there's plenty to keep you coming back for more. Not that you'd need an excuse - Joe Danger 2: The Movie is an addictive thrill-ride that would give any big screen blockbuster a run for its money.

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Making movie magic with mates

Entertainment is all about creating something others will enjoy so it's only natural that Joe Danger 2: The Movie has a great number of ways to play with friends. Once you've racked up your scores in the single player Movie mode, you'll notice multi-coloured streams of light racing against you when you restart a scene. These are the performances of other players - including your best time on that level - so you can see how you stack up against the world via PlayStation Network.

If you want to get a bit more personal, Joe Danger 2: The Movie also shows your friends' high scores after you've completed a level. Invite them around for the local multiplayer mode where up to four of you can go head-to-head in five levels. It's the perfect party game experience as you race and out-stunt each other in a no holds barred battle for points.

With your mates defeated, you can still show off by recording your best stunts in any of the main levels and uploading them to YouTube via the XMB Menu. And don't forget you can create your own levels with the Movie Maker mode, and then share them online or download other user generated scenes, making sure your time in the limelight never ends.

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