Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

Join Camp Eagle Feather’s newest “Brave” Jacob Jones – and his giant hairy sidekick Biggie – to unravel the mysterious goings on at Summer Camp.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: TBC
    Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery Featured Image
    • Immerse yourself in a mysterious and mesmerising story written by BAFTA nominee George Pole.
    • Explore a beautiful, interactive 3D world alongside your Bigfoot companion and meet a cast of weird and wonderful characters.
    • Tackle a host of ingenious brain-teasers, created by some of the world’s leading puzzle designers.
    • Interact with hundreds of objects around Camp Eagle Feather by touching and tilting your PS Vita.
    Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery Featured Image

    Welcome to Camp Eagle Feather

    For most kids, summer camp is a place to explore the great outdoors and have adventures that they’ll remember for years to come. For nine-year-old Jacob Jones, a summer spent being ordered around by people in funny uniforms is way down his to-do list. Despite his reluctance to get into the spirit of summer camp, Jacob is a small boy with a big imagination and it’s not long before mysterious events on the road to Camp Eagle Feather spark his inquisitive nature; did that totem pole just look at him? And what was that big hairy shape in the woods?

    Jacob and his new found friends are soon huddled around a torch telling scary stories, like the terrifying tale of the Were-sheep, or the legend of the Sasquatch, a gigantic beast also known as Bigfoot who lives in the woods nearby… but they’re just stories, right?

    Wrong! When Jacob spots Biggie the Bigfoot from his cabin window, no one believes his tales of monsters in the woods. But his sense of adventure soon takes over, leading him to the friendly creature that prefers singing to eating people and setting them off on a quest to discover what happened to the rest of Biggie’s clan that once lived in the forest. But that’s not all… amid the campfire ghost stories are tales of kids suddenly disappearing without a trace, and the camp counsellors seem awfully keen to keep everyone well fed and nicely plump…

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    A larger than life new friend

    Camp Eagle Feather is packed with colourful characters, each of them bursting with personality and puzzles for Jacob to solve. Tap on anyone that you encounter around the camp to start talking to them; pay attention, as some people will give away clues to the mysterious goings-on around the campsite and add new layers of intrigue to the story. It’s up to you to work out who to trust and who to be suspicious of – is elderly camp manager Mrs Haggardy everything she seems? And is caretaker Idle Hans really going to use a tiger to get rid of those pesky gophers?

    Each of the children that Jacob meets around the camp has their own unique character and a story to tell, like Billy, the good-natured kid who’s scared of everything, and ghost-story fanatic Deathkill – or Marion, to his mum. Of course, the biggest personality of them is all is larger than life Biggie the Bigfoot, the 10-feet tall companion that Jacob meets in the forest. By solving a series of puzzles, Jacob is able to free Biggie from a trap and understand his singing Sasquatch language, making them firm friends and partners in puzzle-solving.

    Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery screenshot

    A whole camp-load of puzzles

    Helping Jacob interact with the world around him and solve the puzzles that he and Biggie are confronted with is a simple case of tilting, tapping or swiping the touchscreen. There are loads of things to explore around Camp Eagle Feather, and tapping on interesting objects or talking to people around the grounds can open up new puzzles to get stuck into.

    These puzzles come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and each one is worth a certain amount of Merits – solve the puzzle on your first attempt and you’ll win the maximum number of Merits and chalk up a high score. Some puzzles will test your observation skills, while others will challenge your logical thinking.

    To help you get to the solution, you can tap the Memo button and leave notes on the touchscreen. Alternatively, if you get really stuck, you can check your hint book or phone a friend – either Uncle Ed or your Big Bro – for some helpful advice. Using your phone requires credits, which can be earned by picking up litter from around the camp, so keep your eyes open for discarded soda cans and other rubbish to collect. The more useful the hint, the more credits it will cost, so use them sparingly and work the answer out for yourself wherever possible.

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    Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

    Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery