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Hunt down and trap mysterious creatures with your PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Family / Fighting / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe/Novarama
    Invizimals Gamescom 2009 screenshots
    • Use the PSP Camera to hunt down invisible animals and capture them.
    • Pit your Invizimals against each other or enjoy multiplayer fights with friends.
    • Learn new attacks or power-up and evolve your Invizimals, then trade them with your friends online.
    Invizimals Gamescom 2009 screenshots

    A world of weird

    What if the world around you contained tiny creatures that the human eye couldn't see? And what if these tiny creatures could only be detected using the power of PSP? Well, it's all true and here's the proof: Invizimals. Discovered in the Research and Development department by Keni Nakamura, these inviZimals can only be seen through the eye of the PSP Camera.

    Unfortunately for Keni there are just too many Invizimals to capture because they live in every town, country and home all across the world. That's where you come into play. Your goal is to capture each one using your special trap and learn about these peculiar little creatures to assist Kenichi in his research.

    Of course, you're not the only one on the trail of the Invizimals so that means you're going to have some competition from other players and monster hunters around the world. Luckily, you have a particular aura that attracts these Invizimals so, the more you catch and the more you learn about these critters, the more you'll be able to contribute to Keni's studies.

    Invizimals screenshot

    Trap them!

    Working alongside Keni you'll have to use certain methods to capture each of the Invizimals as you play through the game. For example, some Invizimals require that you swat them with your hand, stun and then capture them. Others may need to be temporarily blinded by shining a beam of light in their eyes, while sometimes you'll just have to help guide another through an obstacle course before you can add it to your collection.

    There are other obstacles you will have to face too if you plan on capturing them all. First, some Invizimals can only be detected on specific coloured surfaces in your environment. Others will make themselves known to you only during certain times in the game in particular areas.

    That means you're going to have some free time on your hands when you're waiting to capture some of the more shy creatures that appear in the game. So what to do with all this free time? Invizimals duels, that's what. Duelling is what makes up the second half of Invizimals' gameplay, and it's where you'll get to see all the great monsters you've captured battle it out against each other.

    Invizimals Gamescom 2009 screenshots

    Sparks will fly

    In Invizimals duels you have three types of attacks: strong, medium and fast, and combat takes place in real time rather than being turn based. The trick to winning battles is simple: you must master blocking. Once you have done this, you and your creatures will be unstoppable. Every move you perform requires stamina, with stronger attacks using it up much more swiftly than weaker ones. Always keep an eye on your stamina because if it runs down you have no means of defence while it recharges and you will then be left open to some potentially fatal blows from foes.

    Winning fights gains you Watts, Invizimals' version of experience points. Amass enough Watts and your creature will level up, transforming them into a much larger and more powerful beast that will be able to take down smaller opponents with ease. When an Invizimal attacks another they'll drop Sparks, which can be collected by pointing your PSP Camera at them and stored for later in the game where they can be used as currency to purchase stamina packs and power-ups called Vectors.

    Vectors serve as your creature's special attacks in battle but require a little charging before unleashing them on an opponent. Once charged you can then watch the Sparks fly as you hurl powerful attacks such as earthquakes and walls of fire.

    Invizimals screenshot

    Invizimal Club

    Captured all the Invizimals? Then it's time to head online and showcase your collection to a friend or other players across the globe in Wireless Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode. Here you can challenge other players to a duel to see who has the most powerful Invizimal. If you have yet to find an Invizimal, or power-up the quickest way to do so is by trading with other players from around the world.

    For example, you could trade three or four of your Invizimals for a much rarer one. Or you could simply trade a creature for a collection of Vectors or Sparks. The options really are limitless in that respect because it's all down to what you want to trade and what the other player wants to give up. You can even go online and set up an Invizimals Club where you can meet other players from across the world or in your hometown and trade Sparks, Vectors and creatures. So what are you waiting for? The hunt starts here!

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