A bright spark in the darkness

Life is tough for Abigail "Fetch" Walker - and inFAMOUS First Light lets you experience the most painful and powerful parts of her troubled past. Hopping between Fetch's brutal time on the streets of Seattle and two years later during her harsh Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) training in the superhuman prison Curdun Cay, you see the events which warped Fetch into a deadly assassin.

Starting out, Fetch and her brother Brent are looking to escape the gangland dangers of their homeless lives by sneaking into Canada. But on the night of their getaway things go horribly wrong, leading to an explosive and emotional journey.

While adding texture to inFAMOUS Second Son, you don't need to have played that superpowered PlayStation 4 adventure before leaping into the self-contained story of inFAMOUS First Light.

This is your chance to illuminate the shadows that lie within the sinister Curdun Cay. But be warned - the shady recesses of Fetch's memories are hiding many dark skeletons...


The glow of a city's ambitions

The beautiful sights of Seattle come alive in the brilliant inFAMOUS First Light, and you can see it all. As crowds go about their business in the city, you're treated to gorgeous skylines, bustling streets and weather effects which immerse you into this lively world.

And that's even before you start playing with Fetch's impressive neon based powers. Like the gawping bystanders you'll speed past, you'll marvel at the bright streaks left by her light speed ability, and admire Fetch's neon street art handiwork.

Staying true to the inFAMOUS series' roots, First Light uses dynamic comic book style illustrations to complement its slick cut scenes. Its heady mix of convincing voice acting and powerful performances pull you into this poignant tale.


Light up the Seattle skies

Whether this is your first time playing with super powers in the breathtaking inFAMOUS games or you're an experienced energy wielder, you'll swiftly get into the groove. Fetch can use her diverse abilities in a variety of ways, from knocking foes flying with a neon punch to blasting enemies from a distance.

Getting around is quick and easy with light speed, air dashes and photon jumps, and don't worry if you fall long distances - Fetch can safely hover to the ground or even cause a devastating quake if she builds up enough momentum.

You don't have to be a menace with these powers, either. While there are plenty of opportunities to take your frustrations out on the D.U.P., there are chances to brighten up the city's walls with neon graffiti by using the motion sensing capabilities of the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, chase Lumen globules in high speed races and take part in other lively diversions.


Successfully completing any of these sub games gives Fetch skill points to upgrade her powers, and finishing challenges are the only way to achieve Fetch's full potential, so don't be afraid to bunk off a little from the main story missions.

Feeling competitive? Then indulge in the Curdun Cay battle arenas, where you blow away increasing waves of holographic baddies and save hostages. Your best scores are uploaded to global leader boards, where you battle for bragging rights. Think you're the brightest inFAMOUS First Light player out there? Prove it.

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