Ice Road Truckers

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Based on the hugely popular TV series, Ice Road Truckers will take you across some of the most dangerous landscapes on the planet.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Slitherine
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  • Race against the clock to deliver your loads in a huge 18-wheel truck.
  • Master 15 ice roads, but beware of the thin ice and other hazards that could be fatal.
  • Test your skills in different trucks, and set records in the hall of fame.
Ice Road Truckers screenshots

On thin ice

Packed with 15 levels and five different 18-wheel trucks, Ice Road Truckers requires you to drive over some of the world's most hazardous terrains. Trucks are unlocked by completing different stages, and each truck possesses different strengths to help you on your quest. You'll have to tackle longer roads with more twists, turns and challenges as you progress through the game's levels, some of which hold some extra surprises for skilled drivers.

The leader board is all about money, as the top earner holds the number one spot, and to get to the top you must carefully select the right truck for each journey. Each truck has different levels of acceleration, speed and handling so you must pick the ideal vehicle for each trip, get there as fast as possible and earn big bucks.

The strengths of each truck are paramount, because travelling over the ice is tricky business. Going too fast or slow will crack the ice; trying to turn while you're skidding will do you no favours; and if you don't make your destination on time, don't expect to be paid for it. Master these treacherous roads, and you'll be the richest trucker on the ice.

Ice Road Truckers screenshots

Keep on truckin'

Ice Road Truckers sees you take control of some almighty trucks to haul your cargo across ultimate winter landscapes. The aim is to deliver supplies to various towns secluded by the extreme weather, within a certain time frame and make yourself a tasty salary, too. Delivering the goods is certainly a challenge and requires certain skill and practice.

You begin with a relatively small truck, weighing just 26 tons, to deliver your supplies. Master the ice roads and reach your destination within a good time and you'll unlock new, bigger and better trucks. The better the vehicle, the larger the load and that means a bigger salary for you to take home.

As you progress, you'll find trickier ice roads with more bends, hills and other trucks which you must avoid or they may send your truck crashing to an icy end. The quicker you reach your destinations, the more money you'll make, so keep an eye on the clock throughout your journey. The more money you make, the higher you'll rank on the leader board.

First place on the leader board will give you Ice Tyres. Collect ten of them to unlock the ultimate truck, 100 Below, weighing an impressive 75 tons. 100 Below is the fastest and heaviest truck in the game, so it shouldn't be too hard to beat everyone else to the finish line when you're behind the wheel.

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