Gods Eater™ Burst

Gods will fall and humanity will rise.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game / Action
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Europe
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
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    • Engage in fast paced battles against gigantic monsters in over 100 exciting missions.
    • Freely customise weapons, bullets and shields to increase your chances of survival, and personalise your character's outfit to create your own hero.
    • Play co-operatively with up to three other players via Ad Hoc Mode to take down legions of hostile gods.
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    Picture the post-apocalypse

    Demonic organisms called Aragami are spreading across the globe in Gods Eater Burst on PSP, bringing society to its knees and reducing futuristic cities to clusters of empty concrete husks. As a crack Gods Eater, your task is to hunt down and destroy the Aragami before their dominance is total.

    Classic manga styling sets the scene, with vivid colours and over 90 dynamic action sequences heightening the sense of being thrown into a dangerous environment. Vast skyscrapers lean precariously in this eerie world, where crumbling highways and gaping holes punched through buildings are the calling cards of nearby Aragami.  

    More than 100 missions – each with a 30-minute limit – challenge you to defeat everything from giant ogres to bizarre and deadly mutant butterflies in a range of inhospitable surroundings. These freaks of biology thunder through derelict streets, while you and your comrades stalk carefully after them.

    Sunlight filters through clouds of dust to create a ghostly haze, making megacities feel like abandoned alien planets. These clever, moody visual effects ratchet up the tension during every mission. If you’re in any doubt about the threat posed by the Aragami, just a few moments in this searing vision of Earth’s future will hammer it home. 

    Gods Eater Burst screenshot

    The Aragami killer

    Tool up, take a deep breath and step into the remains of society as a Gods Eater – one of the chosen few to take up arms against the dinosaur-like Aragami. The chance to carve your name into legend clashes with a frighteningly low life expectancy. In Gods Eater Burst, preparation and gut instinct decide how that struggle pans out.   

    Safe within the fortified walls of the Gods Eaters’ den, your base between missions, you have the chance to study the Aragami, pinpoint weaknesses and tailor your battle strategy. Stun grenades, chemical rounds, special traps and other ingenious weapons can all be added to your personal arsenal, each of them affecting different Aragami in unique ways.

    Combat is fast and relentless in the cauldron outside HQ – and just as your tactics might swing a skirmish in your favour, so a pack of nimble predators may work to outflank you and tear you to shreds. Your formidable God Arc weapon, which morphs from an enormous blade into a handheld cannon as battles intensify, helps to level the playing field. Its appetite for destruction is as great as any Aragami’s.  

    Victories bring crucial experience, along with weapon upgrades and valuable research into the 35 godlike species terrorising the planet. With every vanquished Aragami, humanity claws its way closer to survival.

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    Pick a card

    Ruthless killing machines just as comfortable in the urban sprawl as humans, the Aragami often prowl in small packs. Thanks to the PSP system’s local Wireless Ad Hoc Mode, you can create your own attack squad by recruiting your friends to the resistance.

    Up to three players can join you in a multiplayer game, broadening your options as you devise complex pincer movements, ingenious decoys or even risky traps using one of your team as bait. You don’t even have to occupy the same area of the map, so you can deploy some genuinely impressive master plans.

    Burst Mode, the supercharged state activated when you successfully land a devastating blow on a target, creates a blur of furious activity. Engineer your strategy so that your whole squad engages Burst Mode at once, and for a brief moment you might feel a pang of pity for the Aragami caught in your path.

    Backup arrives in the single player campaign thanks to the Avatar system, which lets you import a friend’s Gods Eater for use as a support character on missions. An Avatar Card records data from every battle you fight, including your weapon type and your equipment list, which you can then swap with other players.

    Glory means peace for the whole planet, and a reputation for success that makes your Gods Eater a highly sought-after recruit for your friends.

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