Eorzea awaits

Venture across a vast and ever-expanding world in an online RPG set in the Final Fantasy universe.



  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix

    Game overview

    Join millions of other players online in an ongoing adventure across the world of Eorzea.

    Explore the vast, interconnected world of Eorzea in a massively-mulitplayer online role-playing experience inspired by Square Enix's long-running Final Fantasy universe. 

    Choose a race, gender and a job and head out on a quest for adventure, passing through towering cities, sand-swept deserts, dense forests and glittering shorelines as you forge your own legend in the world. 

    Each new area will yield stories, characters, new enemies to confront and new weapons and armour to collect. Travel alone or bring friends along for the ride and take on ever more powerful enemies as you fight to maintain the balance of this fragile world. 


    Key features

    Customise your look

    Select from a range of races and backgrounds, then further fine tune the look of your character by adjusting everything from hair style and skin tone, to eye and face shape or height and build.

    Choose your alliance

    Set out from one of three distinct regions - Ul'dah, Gridania or Limsa Lominsa - and speak with city leaders, local dignitaries and other adventurers to discover quests and make the moves you'll need to expand your reach over the world.

    Play with friends

    Explore a world teeming with dozens of other real-world players, each at different stages in their own adventures. Seek their guidance and join them in quests, or invite friends to join you on your next mission.


    An ongoing adventure

    Travel far beyond the bounds of the game's initial release, visiting new locations across Eorzea in including Ishgard, Ala Mhigo, Doma and Norvrandt. Face fierce new enemies, try new job classes or races and brand new items, armour and mechanics. 

    Each successive expansion adds masses of new content to the game, continues the game's ongoing story and gives you more reasons to explore. Each of the expansions are included in the latest expansion pack, Shadowbringers and the Complete Edition



    Expansion 3: Shadowbringers

    Travel to the last remaining lands of The First, Norvrandt, and beyond to light-drenched plains of Eden. Experiment with new races and job classes and face down fierce new opponents.

    New features

    • Continue the ongoing saga as the Warrior of Light embraces darkness and embarks upon a new adventure that transcends worlds. 
    • Tackle your enemies with two new job classes: the tank-syle 'Gunbreaker' and the DPS-focused 'Dancer'. 
    • Visit seven new locations including the cities of Crystarium and Eulmore as you explore the last bastion of The First - Norvrandt.
    • Face down new dangers and uncover new rewards in the instanced dungeons of Shadowbringers.
    • Tackle a new raid from Yoko Taro, creator of the NieR series, that brings the YoHRa of NieR: Automata to the world of Final Fantasy.
    • Explore the world anew as either the mysterious Viera or the hulking Hrothgar, two new races to choose from.

    Standard Edition

    Collector's Edition

    Complete Edition


    Expansion 2: Stormblood

    Venture to the realm of Ala Mhigo and the far eastern land of Doma – states crushed under two decades of imperial rule – and test your skills with new jobs, raids and instanced dungeons.

    New features

    • Acquire new skills and abilities as either a noble samurai or rapier-wielding red mage.
    • Form an eight-person raid party and venture towards Gyr Abania to unravel the mysteries of the enigmatic entity known as Omega.
    • Discover what mysterious evil prowls in the briny depths of the Sirensong Sea and a variety of other new instanced dungeons.
    • Explore the vast and teeming oceans of Eorzea as the latest updates introduce the ability to swim.
    • Make yourself at home in the new eastern-styled residential district of Shirogane.
    • Take your journey even further with an increased level cap, allowing you to develop your strengths and skills even further and an increased inventory size to accommodate your ever-growing loot stash.

    Expansion 1: Heavensward

    Quest north to the dragon-scorched lands of Ishgard and discover new territories, new races and hours of new content in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. 

    New features

    • Explore the ashen streets of Ishgard, the untamed wilderness of Dravania and the dream-like islands of Abalathia as you journey heavensward.
    • Discover a stricken city and a theocracy crumbling beneath endless centuries of war as enigmatic characters and twisting plot lines guide you through your continuing quest.
    • Unlock new skills and roles with three additional jobs: brave uncharted territories as a tech-obsessed “Machinist”, a pious “Dark Knight” or an enlightened “Astrologian”.
    • Embark anew, exploring lands both familiar and strange as an Au-Ra, an exotic race with elegant patterned scales and ferocious horns.
    • Steel yourself for brutal new enemies, challenging dungeons and savage “Primals” that will push your skills far beyond level 50.

    A beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy XIV

    Find out how to get started in the magical realm of Eorzea.


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    Try for free...

    Play up to level 35

    Join millions of other players and begin your incredible adventure through the world of Eorzea for free. Play all the way up to level 35, experiencing the epic quests and the magical universe of Final Fantasy XIV at no initial cost.


    A world of adventure lies before you....

    Welcome to Eorzea

    A jewel in the desert sand

    Ul’dah – Thanalan

    Wander the opulent streets of the merchant city of Ul’dah to find guilds for the Gladiators, Pugilists and Thaumaturges, or seek your fortune in the arts of weaving, goldsmithing or mining. Venture beyond the city walls to explore the burning sands of Thanalan – but beware. The desert can be as deadly as it is beautiful…

    Emerald glades and eldritch tombs


    Explore the lantern-lit paths of Gridania where folk and nature exist in harmony. These labyrinthine woods play host to Lancers, Archers and Conjurers, along with the studies of Botanists and the craftsmanship of Leatherworkers and Carpenters. Investigate the mysteries of the Black Shroud beyond Gridania’s limits to encounter wonder and peril in equal measure.

    At the mouth of the glittering sea

    Limsa Lominsa

    Take a turn around the regal decks of Limsa Lominsa, the heart of Eorzea’s naval industry. Home to the wise Arcanists and brutal Marauders, you can also pursue your talents in fishing, blacksmithing and cookery here. The surrounding lands of La Noscea boast sweeping clifftop views and idyllic farmsteads – perfect for a chocobo ride. Just be on the look-out for pirates.


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