EyeToy® Play: Hero

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Draw your trusty sword and pursue the mischievous warlock who’s causing havoc across the kingdom.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
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    EyeToy Play: Hero comes complete with a real toy sword for you to wield on your quest. The EyeToy USB Camera will track your sword's movements as you progress through your adventure. You can watch your swordplay unfold live on-screen as you dodge bandits, hack your way through dense undergrowth, take on the enormous black knight, and much more! Make it through a wide range of exciting challenges, and maybe you'll become the hero of the land.

    • A brand new, story-based adventure for EyeToy fans, letting you become the hero of your own fun, friendly and exciting fantasy adventure
    • EyeToy technology brings your adventure to life, tracking your sword's movements as you swing, block and dodge
    • Get help from a fellow adventurer, taking it in turns to attempt each challenge in multiplayer mode

    A real hero needs a real sword

    Only you can stop the evil Warlock, using the special EyeToy Play: Hero sword.

    Elvis the Elf needs your help. For many years, the Warlock and his henchmen have spread terror across the Kingdom and now they have stolen a magical stone. It has been foretold that, one day, a brave hero with an enchanted sword will step forward and put an end to the Warlock's mischief...

    EyeToy Play: Hero comes with a real toy sword which, when held in front of the EyeToy USB Camera, becomes a shimmering on-screen blade that matches your movements perfectly.

    Gameplay consists of 20 fun challenges, all making use of the EyeToy Play: Hero sword, as you follow the medieval tale of knights, bandits and dragons. The unique control scheme is put to great use; in one level you must take on the fearsome Nefarious Knight. To beat him you have to hold up the sword in the correct position to block his attacks, before hacking away at his armour whenever he turns his back to you.

    In another stage, Torchlit Tunnels, your fiery blade also acts as a torch, lighting the creepy caverns. However, if a guard arrives then you have to quickly hide it behind your back to avoid being spotted. And if you see a colony of bats flying towards you, you can shout to frighten them away, thanks to the EyeToy USB Camera's built-in microphone. Later on, you get to ride on the back of a flying dragon and deflect the tree trunks being hurled at you by giant birds.

    The EyeToy Play: Hero sword is made of a light material, and therefore safe for young children to use, and the graphics are colourful and cartoon-like. Gameplay is fun and accessible thanks to the control system and clear explanations before each stage, and challenging enough to appeal to the entire family. It's as much fun to watch as it is to play and the two player mode makes for a great social activity.

    EyeToy Play: Hero's control scheme is the first of its kind on PlayStation 2; the included sword makes you feel totally in control of the action as your movements are represented on-screen perfectly. It's guaranteed to make any young gamer feel like a hero.

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