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It's time to let EyePet discover the outside world!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
  • Also on PS3
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  • Let EyePet out of the house and explore your world together. Why not take a stroll in the garden or look for treasures buried in the sand?
  • Packed with toys and activities to exercise your Pet’s brain, body and creativity, you can even create new toys from your own drawings.
  • When it’s time to go, let your Pet jump into your PSP and look after him while on the move!
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If you have experienced the magic of EyePet or EyePet Move Edition on PlayStation 3, you will know how exciting and loveable EyePet is. The PSP version of the game still houses all the mischief and entertainment of having your very own pet, and you now have the option to take your cheeky little friend with you anywhere and everywhere.

Every copy of EyePet comes with a Magic Card inside the box. To bring your EyePet to life, you'll need to place the Magic Card onto a flat surface and then point the PSP Camera's lens at the Magic Card so that it is always situated in the centre of the screen. If the camera can't see your EyePet, they will be displayed inside their protective bubble, but don't worry, just follow the setting up instructions carefully and your furry friend will be back roaming around in no time.

EyePets are very curious creatures, so make sure you record your own call so he knows when to come scampering back to you. You can also give your cheeky pal a name and even change his fur style and colour to give him a unique and funky new look. There are loads of clothes and accessories for your new friend to wear, which you can unlock by completing fun challenges together.

Take your EyePet everywhere with you, explore the world together, hunt for treasure, draw amazing pictures together and capture all of your favourite moments by taking photos with your PSP Camera. Hang them up in the rather snazzy Pet Home so you can check them out whenever you like.

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The perfect pet

EyePets are the ideal addition to any family - cheeky and adorable; these little guys are all the fun of a real pet with none of the mess. Just like a kitten or puppy, your EyePet will rely on you to keep them in good shape by playing with them and giving loads of attention, whether it's showing them where the fish are hiding in the pond or driving their car round some tricky racetracks.

Your EyePet will want to explore and spend time with you, so take your PSP everywhere and show your pet the world. There are endless ways for the two of you to bond together, whether it's playing games or checking out the pictures of all the great activities you have done, and you can do these anywhere you like. The more you interact with your EyePet, the more treats and rewards you will earn to make the Pet Home a great place for your pet to live.

Look after your adorable pet, spend loads of time together and explore the world with your most faithful friend.

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A cheeky companion

From the moment your EyePet arrives in his snug little egg, you'll have to care for and nurture him to make sure he's happy, healthy and full of life - just like a real pet. Give them a little encouragement to enter the world by warming up his egg and making him feel safe.

Your new friend will need plenty of attention, feeding and grooming to keep him in shape, so make sure you perform a Pet Health Check every so often. You'll be able to see if your pet's hungry, tired or if they just want some love.

There are loads of ways to earn new rewards for your pet, including some great new clothing to make sure they look super cool. Complete fun challenges such as drawing, trampolining and even fishing with your pet and get great new items for your Pet Home. Spend plenty of time with your playful pal and you'll get new fish for your aquarium, loads of great photos on the wall and a diary packed with great things you've done together.


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