EyePet™ Move Edition

  • PS3

Enjoy a completely new EyePet experience with your magical best friend using PlayStation Move motion control gameplay.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
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    • Nurture the world's most incredible pet from an egg until he's fully grown.
    • Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to help raise and play with your pet, draw toys on screen (and paper) and watch them come to life.
    • Enjoy new toys unique to EyePet Move Edition, learn tricks and use the PlayStation Eye camera to capture your pet's most memorable moments.

    You will no longer be able to use the online features for this title from 29th March 2018

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    Cheeky, colourful and playful

    The PlayStation Eye camera plus a sprinkling of magic puts you and your EyePet in the same scene, right in your living room. As soon as he's hatched from his snug little egg, start having lots of fun together using the PlayStation Move motion controller to play with your new furry friend.

    You'll begin by giving your EyePet a name, and make sure it's a good one as you can only choose once! Then you can set about making your EyePet look his best. Change the colour of his fur, give him some cool markings and even give him dreadlocks if that's what you're in to; there are lots of great ways to make your EyePet your own.

    There are loads of impressive outfits to dress him up, from baseball caps to a Camouflage Cape, and even more to download from PlayStation Store. In PlayStation Store you'll also find tons of great toys and exciting games for you to play together. 

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    Your new best friend

    Your EyePet is the cheeky new pet for all of your family to enjoy. Just like a real pet, he will need lots of feeding, attention and cleaning. In return he will provide hours of entertainment for all the family, without making a mess of your house or ripping up the new furniture.

    You can scan your Pet's belly to see if he's hungry, give him a wash if he starts to look a little grubby or simply play with him if he looks like he needs some attention. He'll quite happily entertain himself for a while if left alone; EyePets are very creative and happy to watch the world go by. If he snuggles down for a nap, you may catch him dreaming about all of the exciting things you have done together.

    Keep and eye on your EyePet's progress in Pet Care, and make sure he has everything he needs. You'll earn some fabulous rewards for keeping him happy and in great shape.

    EyePet Move Edition Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Bring your pet to life

    From the moment your cheeky EyePet hatches, he will take a keen interest in your every movement and action. You may need to give him a little encouragement to enter the world by rocking his egg and making noises for him to hear. Once he has hatched he will be full of life and ready to play. Wiggle your fingers in the air and watch him jump, move your hand on the floor to make him pounce and gently stroke his fur to calm him down when he gets over excited...

    You and your new Pet will take part in the Pet Programme, where you will play and complete challenges together to earn rewards and really get to know your new best friend. You will learn how to feed, wash and play with him and make sure he stays happy and healthy while he learns all about his brand new world.

    As you complete challenges, you'll be rewarded with lots of cool toys and outfits for you and your Pet to enjoy, from a cool turtle costume to a water pistol to splash your pet with.

    Innovative interaction

    The PlayStation Move motion controller makes interacting with your EyePet even more fun and dynamic. PlayStation Move allows you to do everything from grooming your pet to drawing pictures with him as you complete challenges and play together.

    Like a real pet, your EyePet will need a check-up every so often, and you can use PlayStation Move for this too. Scan your EyePet's body to see how he is getting on, and find out if he needs anything to keep him happy. If he needs a snack, feed your Pet by putting his treats into a jar then carefully tip them into his bowl using PlayStation Move. If he is really hungry, he may even open his little mouth for you to gently pour his food into.

    You use PlayStation Move for challenges, whether it's drawing pictures on the screen for your EyePet to copy, throwing biscuits into the air for him in Cookie Catch or scooping him up and knocking down bowling pins in Pro-Bowler.

    Use your PlayStation Move motion controller to capture magical moments of you and your EyePet, and then share your photos and videos with other EyePet owners online. Don't forget you can rate pictures and videos via PlayStation Network, so check out other EyePets and see what they have been up to recently.

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