Everybody’s Tennis

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Serve up some superstar tennis!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEI
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  • Customise your character's looks and playing style to reflect your own performance.
  • Journey around the globe and face each region's tennis champs in a single player story mode.
  • Perfect your skills with different courts, locations and opponents.

Around the world

Everybody's Tennis takes you on a journey across the globe as two young tennis enthusiasts, Hugo and Emily. Both are members of the Happy Tennis Club, and embark on a huge adventure to spread the joy of tennis all over the world, and recruit people to join their club.

Their first stop is Nakagawa Tennis Club, a tennis school for beginners who want to learn the fundamental basics of the game. Here you will meet coach Kentaro and the club's owner, Yamamoto. You will learn how to interact with characters and the importance this will have upon the rest of your game.

Nakagawa Tennis club is just the first of many destinations that you will visit on your journey. Make sure you chose your path wisely in order to spread the joy of tennis all over the world.

Grand Slam

Prepare yourself for a true adventure, not just to play tennis, but to uncover the storyline that will lead you to success. Each location is carefully crafted with different courts and situations that will truly affect your gameplay, from the speed of your ball to the sound it makes.

Characters are easily customised with a variety of accessories from Santa hats to golf bags, and some of these accessories will actually help your game. Certain items can be purchased if you earn enough points, including a squirrel tail, a clown's nose and a sailor uniform.

Of course, if you don't want to earn points or buy outfits, you could play in Exhibition instead of Story Mode. Exhibition Mode allows you to take on any of the characters you have recruited so far, in either singles or doubles matches. This could be the perfect way to boost your tennis skills before taking on your final opponent in Story Mode.

Game, set and match

The game begins with Happy Tennis Club members, Emily and Hugo, as they embark on their big adventure to spread the joy of tennis across the globe. On your travels, you will meet more tennis fans who will share their tennis wisdom with you in order to make you a better player.

Interaction with other characters is essential. They hold the key, in some cases literally, to the next stage in the story, so it is paramount that you take the time to talk to them. As you complete each stage in the story, your final opponent will join you on your mission and become a playable character in the game.

As you travel to a variety of locations, you are informed of the character you need to play. These are the top players in each location, and if you want to play them, you have to earn the right to do so by taking on a variety of opponents first. Until you have proved yourself worthy of them, your chances of finding your desired opponent are slim.

Practice makes perfect

Everybody's Tennis combines the in-depth story of a role-playing game with the skill and precision of a professional sports title, creating something quite unique. Whilst fighting your way to tennis stardom by practising your racket skills, you must follow a certain path and perform tasks in order to complete your mission, giving the game an animated sense of realism.

Travelling to each location gives you the opportunity to play a variety of players, some of which are essential to beat if you want to progress through the story. Playing well will earn you points and rewards to aid your mission; whether it's a college uniform to gain you access to the tennis courts at Jocksford University, or a new tennis racket to help you perform the perfect shot in an important match.

Your tennis skills are closely monitored and you are expected to learn new skills within each location. Take on the advice of other players in order to perform the perfect lob, smash and volley, along with tactical gameplay.

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