Everybody’s Golf®

  • Also on PS3

Hit the course as everybody’s favourite golf series comes to the fore on PS Vita.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEE
  • Also on PS3
Everybody's Golf PSVita screenshot
  • Land that elusive hole-in-one thanks to intuitive touchscreen controls and a dynamic new shot system.
  • Plot your route to the pin using the touchscreen and rear touch pad to look around the course.
  • Play online via PlayStation Network – enter thrilling live tournaments or enjoy a leisurely, turn-based round with friends when it suits you.
Everybody's Golf PSVita screenshot

Watch the birdie

American writer Mark Twain once famously said that golf “is a good walk spoiled”. What a shame the creator of Huckleberry Finn never clapped eyes on Everybody’s Golf on PlayStation Vita. He could have enjoyed his stroll as well as a stunningly vibrant recreation of the sport he dismissed.

From the moment the camera swoops to take in the lush fairways and immaculate greens ahead of you, it’s abundantly clear that this is a game designed to invigorate thanks to crisp, colourful visuals on the PS Vita system’s 5-inch OLED screen. In the clubhouse, an eclectic roster of golfers and caddies, together with a huge number of special clubs, balls and bonus abilities, only adds to the upbeat, sunshine appeal.

Out on the course, as you prepare to drive towards the hole, you can take in your surroundings using the PS Vita system’s rear camera – simply tap the on-screen camera icon to enter Free Camera Mode. You can then spot the potential pitfalls ahead: a bunker here, a tree there, even a sneakily hidden pool of water.

Admire the view, enjoy your caddie’s breezy advice and then get ready to hit the fairway in Everybody’s Golf on PS Vita. See you at the tee.

Everybody's Golf PSVita Launch screenshot

Like putter in your hands

Your aim in Everybody’s Golf is to get from tee to hole using the fewest possible number of strokes. The trouble is you’ll have so much fun along the way, you may want to drop a few shots to spend more time on the course.

Power and accuracy are key weapons in every top golfer’s club bag, yet the deadliest asset is timing. A shot gauge begins to fill once you tap the X button; quickly pressing it a second time selects your power level, and hitting it once more, during your down swing, determines how you strike the ball. With the right timing, you’ll achieve the perfect swing. Master the wind conditions and the lie of the land, and your first hole-in-one won’t be far away.

Plot a route to the putting green by using the touchscreen to navigate around the course, then tap the on-screen marker to reveal the recommended club for the task ahead. As you rack up success your chosen golfer becomes more loyal to you, their skills improve and loads of new equipment and abilities are unlocked.

Juggle the unique challenges found after tee-off with getting the best out of your golfer, and you’ll become the toast of the clubhouse in Everybody’s Golf on PS Vita.

Everybody's Golf PSVita screenshot

Where eagles dare

Imagine walking off the final green after a thrilling tournament and seeing your name at the top of the clubhouse leader board. In Everybody’s Golf on PS Vita, you can bring that scenario to life.

Challenge up to seven other players in a race to the hole in Ad Hoc Mode, the perfect way to prime yourself for the epic battles that await online, where you could be part of a field of up to 30 competitors.

Tournament Mode, via PlayStation Network, is a tense stroke play competition in which you measure your performance against the par score set for each round. The pressure comes in two forms: to beat your friends and rivals, and push yourself to get better with every stroke.

If you have a PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model, you’ll be able to message your friends via the game’s LiveArea so you can find out how they’re doing – while adding a few choice words of encouragement. You’ll also be able to take part in matches against friends at your own pace, since the game notifies you whenever your opponent takes a shot and then lets you do the same.

Polish your skills in the single player Challenge Mode, and then put them to the test against your friends in Multiplayer Mode. Come join the club on PS Vita.

  • Players

    1 Players

  • Rear Touch Pad

    Rear Touch Pad

  • Front Touchscreen

    Front Touchscreen

  • Memory Card Required

    Memory Card Required

  • Rear Camera

    Rear Camera

  • Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor

  • Network Play

    Network Play

  • Network Players

    2-30 Network Players


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Everybody’s Golf®

Everybody’s Golf®