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Tee off with your PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Clap Hanz
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    Packed with new characters, courses and items, Everybody's Golf 2 gives you a whole range of new golfing fun to unlock and master. Featuring refined gameplay and polished visual effects, plus extensive multiplayer features, this game is the perfect chance to show up your friends, and a great excuse to put in even more practice.

    • Take on Everybody's Golf fans from around the world and show off your skills in tournaments and head-to-head matches
    • Six brand new courses and six updated classics, packed with challenging holes and new elements, including tricky green layouts
    • Perfectly suited to handheld play, whether you're filling time with a few well-placed putts, or ready to head out for a full 18 holes
    Everbody's Golf 2 screenshot 7

    Golfing for everyone

    Everybody's Golf 2 on PSP really is for everyone.

    Hidden under its cute exterior is an incredibly robust golfing experience, with a ton of choices and customisation options available.

    Supporting 16 player online head-to-head matches and tournaments, alongside world ranking leaderboards, this second PSP outing of the classic PlayStation golf game is breaking new territory.

    Still as accessible as ever, it takes only seconds to get playing. At the start you're limited to two novice golfers - Luke and Carly - and with practice you can improve their skills and unlock new golfers.

    How quickly you can pick up the game is illustrated by your first nine holes. For instance, after selecting Luke and Madison as your caddie it is just a matter of picking a course...

    Nakagawa Public Golf Course, 9 holes, regular tee

    1st Hole, PAR 4

    Using the directional buttons you can place where you hope your shot will land. After choosing whether to perform a special power shot or not, you then press the X button to start swinging back, again at the top of your stroke, and then again as your club connects with the ball.

    [Lined up and looking good, Luke teed off, his first stroke powering down the fairway to the approval of Madison. A second drive took the ball onto the green, just 5 metres away from the hole.]

    Once on the green a mesh of coloured lines appear. The colours and how quickly they flow illustrating the slope and steepness of the green.

    [Putting for a birdie, Luke lined up and coaxed the ball toward the hole... But the shot was too powerful, dancing around the hole instead of going in. Putting on his fourth stroke, Luke had to settle for par.]

    2nd Hole, PAR 5, 6th place

    [Deciding to jump the corner of the long curving fairway turned out to be a poor decision for Luke, with the drive ending up just inside the rough. Although his second stroke gained him some ground it still left him mired in the rough, thankfully his third whipped onto the green.

    For a second, a phenomenal putt from over 7 metres away looked set to go in but fell short of the hole. Regaining his dignity, while hoping nobody had noticed his failed attempt to cut corners, Luke finished on par.]

    3rd Hole, PAR 4, 6th place

    [On Luke's second stroke, he ploughed straight into a bunker by the green, which had been obscured by the lie of the land and a small building.]

    You can use the Triangle button to do a flyby of your intended shot, checking for obstacles and it pays not to be impetuous. Like any swing getting out of a bunker follows the same principles of positioning the shot and gauging the power.

    [With a hefty whack Luke hooked the ball out of the sand and onto the green, before chasing the ball around for a disappointing bogey.]

    4th Hole, PAR 4, 7th place

    [Concentrating Luke powered two fantastic shots down the fairway and onto the green. Adjusting for the slope he putted... and it went it for a birdie! His comeback made even sweeter for the fact he jumped the competition to first place!]

    In addition to your par average, Everybody's Golf scores you for making great shots and penalises you for making poor ones, such as landing in bunkers. These additional points will help influence your position in tournaments.

    5th to 7th Hole, 1st place

    [For Luke the next three holes sail by on par, enabling him to hold onto the top spot.]

    8th Hole, PAR 3, 1st place

    [Pride comes before a fall they say and this was true for Luke, as he sliced his drive, the ball tumbling into the rough! Worse it lands on the wrong side of a water feature.

    Regaining his composure, Luke manages to cross the water but plugs the ball into a flower bed beside the green. Once out of the roses and onto the green it takes Luke two attempts to finish for an atrocious double bogey... and everything now to play for.]

    9th Hole, PAR 5, 1st place... just

    [Thanks to a solid middle section Luke just managed to cling onto his lead but the pressure had mounted with just this final hole and the longest fairway yet to play.

    Two drives and a chip take Luke onto the green. Reading the slope perfectly, Luke sinks the ball from over 5 metres away for par on this hole, two over par for the course and the tournament.]

    This is just the beginning of the experience, as winning tournaments unlocks more items to customise your characters and new challenges to undertake. By unlocking items and styles you're able to tweak your golfer's look, kitting them out with equipment both helpful and decorative, from better balls to snazzy outfits.

    Easy to play and with great depth to master, Everybody's Golf 2 will keep you teeing off again and again in both single player and, with the ability to take on players online across the world, multiplayer tournaments.

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