EA SPORTS Active 2

  • PS3

EA SPORTS Active 2 delivers real fitness results with innovative peripherals and biometric monitoring.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA Canada
    • Wireless control system powered by motion sensors in leg and arm straps provides complete freedom of motion.
    • Heart rate monitor gives you constant on-screen monitoring, allowing you to optimize performance over time.
    • Track and share your workout data online via your personalized EA SPORTS Active profile.

    Fighting fit

    EA Sports Active 2 is all about giving your fitness a kick-start. Whether you want to sculpt your body or increase your general fitness, this well presented package has everything you need to get you up and running.

    Over 70 exercises and activities await, from the likes of squats and bicep curls, to mountain boarding and basketball. Even more can be downloaded via PlayStation Store to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. And as you have the choice of customising your workout or going through a nine week programme designed by certified personal trainers, EA Sports Active 2 is the perfect fitness partner.

    Packed in with the game are wireless body sensors and a Heart Rate Monitor to track your body movements and provide feedback on your performance. Wrapping up these innovative extras and comprehensive set of options is an appealing and polished visual style, making EA Sports Active 2 ideal for families as well as fitness fanatics. With an energetic set of personal trainers always on hand to encourage you, taking your fitness to a higher level has never been so slickly presented.

    Your gaming gym

    Have fun while you get fit with a staggering range of over 70 exercises and activities - and more to download from PlayStation Store. What makes EA Sports Active 2 more useful than a workout DVD is that you can tailor it to match your pace and intensity.

    The wide range of drills and sports reduces the repetition you can get with a DVD, transporting you to a sunny desert oasis perfect for exercise - all from the comfort of your own home.

    Getting started is easy. A pleasant tutorial tells you how to attach the wireless body sensors and Heart Rate Monitor which are bundled with the game. Choose a trainer based on what you want from your workout and set your exercise and calorie burning goals, then create a profile character that represents you on-screen as you workout.

    Customise your personal schedule by selecting all your favourite exercises, including skipping, squats, boxing and football skills, or choose from preset workout routines.

    Flexible and easy to get to grips with, playing EA Sports Active 2 is fun and beneficial to anyone who typically finds exercise boring. Being able to jump from a running activity, to stretches, to shooting some hoops is a great way to keep you interested through variation, and the discreet wireless motion sensors make everything you do feel natural. If you need some extra motivation, why not invite a friend along to exercise with? EA Sports Active 2 supports up to two players simultaneously; ideally with their own set of peripherals, so you can enjoy burning the calories together or just encourage a bit of family fun.

    The electrifying mixture of cardio and resistance exercises are complemented by some great statistic tracking programmes. You can also join online groups, take part in lifestyle and nutrition surveys and read up on valuable food facts and tips to round off your workout.

    Reach higher, go further, train harder - with EA Sports Active 2 you can unlock your potential and achieve your fitness goals.

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