Dynasty Warriors Next

Team up for a heroic, action-packed adventure on PS Vita.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Tecmo Koei Europe
  • Developer: Omega Force
    Dynasty Warriors Vita screenshot
    • Tecmo KOEI's massive battle series, Dynasty Warriors, comes to PS Vita.
    • Hack and slash your way through an army of opponents using the unique controls of PS Vita.
    • Join forces with up to three of your friends via PlayStation Network to take on hordes of enemies.
    Dynasty Warriors Vita screenshot

    A grand dynasty

    When it comes to vast battles, few games are as majestic as Dynasty Warriors Next on PlayStation Vita. Loosely based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors Next drops you onto the battlefield of a grand war where hundreds of soldiers fight for supremacy.

    It's an impressive sight to see so many units at the same time in this intense action game, as wave after wave of warriors march on the crystal clear PS Vita screen. Within seconds you feel immersed in a massive battle. And as the action constantly heats up, the glittering visuals stay in step by remaining smooth and fluid.

    The innovative features of PS Vita are also used to add an extra layer of polish. If you need to see the battle map more clearly, expand it by using the touchscreen to drag the map icon into view. Then you can plot your onslaught on the stunning 5" OLED screen without missing a beat in the action.

    Dynasty Warriors Vita screenshot

    War – what is it good for?

    Dynasty Warriors Next on PlayStation Vita fires you into action-packed historical warfare where you command hundreds of troops. Choose the general you wish to control and unite China through thrilling battles and deadly confrontations such as the Yellow Turban rebellion.

    Armed with incredible weapons and magic Musou attacks that can defeat dozens of foes at the same time, your job is to invade rival territory and then capture enemy bases before overthrowing their leader. However, it's not just a simple task of wandering in and flashing your sword - deciding the ability perks you should use, which bases to attack first and which hero to command can all affect your chances.

    Poor planning can lead to a hard and gruelling battle, so devise a strong strategy and take heed of the handy hints you're given during the campaigns. Your computer-controlled companions will often have their own battle plans, so don't be afraid to team up with them and rally your troops in one area.

    The unique controls of PS Vita come into play as you fight, too. The touchscreen activates your devastating Musou attack, while shaking the PS Vita system or swiping the touchscreen can increase its range and damage. You'll also find yourself ambushed by a handful of foes - fend them off by using your finger on the touchscreen before they complete their attack.

    With an army of gameplay styles and modes, there's plenty to keep you engaged in Dynasty Warriors Next, whether it's keeping up with the drama-packed story or galloping towards a tyrant's stronghold on horseback. The war is on and in your hands - take charge now.

    Dynasty Warriors Vita screenshot

    "We can be heroes..."

    There is more than one way to rule - and Dynasty Warriors Next on PlayStation Vita gives you the chance to lord over your land with friends, either battling by your side... or clashing against you.

    Connect to PlayStation Network and you'll find a variety of ways to enjoy this team based fighting game with others. In Campaign mode you'll be tested against rivals in sudden and brutal duels while you wage war across China. Each encounter requires you to use the touchscreen to repel and attack your opponent. Watch their movements carefully and flick or tap with your finger to fight your way to victory. Only fast reactions and a steely nerve will see you succeed...

    While the Campaign duels are exciting and unexpected, Conquest mode requires more planning as you pit your skills against others in a battle to gain control over the entire land. Select your favourite force and officer, and choose your invading territory with care or you can find yourself helpless to defend against a well-planned march on your territory.

    Coalition mode lets you and up to three local friends team up on special stages for a variety of action-packed missions. Don't forget that you can create your own hero with a variety of options to customise your appearance, voice, abilities and more. There's nothing better than putting yourself in the game and then riding into battle with your mates by your side.

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