Dead Rising 2

  • PS3

Spurred on by the paternal instinct to protect his daughter, Chuck Greene must survive Fortune City’s zombie-infested strip.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
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    • Take out the undead with items ranging from traditional weapons such as guns and swords to improvised ones including roulette wheels, croupier sticks and stuffed marlins.
    • Add to your arsenal with a set of truly unique weapons including the paddle-saw (two chainsaws attached to either end of a canoe paddle) and the intriguing drill bucket.
    • Prove yourself in a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players via PlayStation Network, from jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down your foes, to straddling a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars.
    Dead Rising 2 screenshot

    City of the dead

    Dead Rising 2 takes place five years after the events of the original Dead Rising videogame where a zombie virus has spread throughout the USA. The story unfolds in the fictional setting of Fortune City, a location modelled on Las Vegas, Nevada.

    You play as Chuck Greene, a former motocross superstar champion racer, where your goal is to battle the zombie hordes and save Chuck's daughter, Katy, who has been infected. To do this, you'll need to search Fortune City for a vaccine known as Zombrex, or purchase it from characters you will encounter throughout the campaign.

    However, there is a catch: it turns out you have been accused of causing the outbreak in Fortune City. The military are aware of this thanks to a report broadcast on the news at the outset of the game, so in three days they plan to lay siege to the zombie plagued streets and capture you. That means you have just 72 hours to complete Dead Rising 2's storyline. The pressure is on, the zombies are coming and the military wants you. Can you take the heat?

    The fight for survival in the city of the dead starts here.

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    Zombie slayer

    The action in Dead Rising 2 is nothing short of hilarious. You can use almost anything in the game as a weapon including bins, coat hangers, a bow and arrow, a lawnmower or even a leaf blower. Naturally, certain weapons will have more kick than others and as you progress through the game you can combine objects to transform your arsenal into a force to be reckoned with.

    For example, you can take a kayak paddle and strap a chainsaw to each end of it. Now you have a weapon that is perfect for clearing swarms of the undead. Unlocking these combo weapons is done by hunting down Combo Cards scattered throughout the huge environment. Once you have one in your inventory, get yourself to the nearest Maintenance Room to build it.

    There are also a number of firearms to get to grips with too, but the real fun comes from clobbering zombies with goofy everyday objects such as a hunk of meat or a park bench. You can carry up to four weapons at once but be warned, each weapon will wear down the more you use it, so you will need to keep a constant eye open for new tools that will help you dispose of the walking dead. The good news is there doesn't seem to be a shortage of them in Fortune City.

    Health can be increased by picking up food and drink in any of the restaurants or food courts, so it's always a smart idea to keep one of these items on Chuck at all times for emergencies. The game can - and will - throw huge numbers of zombies at you, especially later in the storyline, so you will have to memorize certain locations on the map as best you can in order to manoeuvre in and around the sea of zombies.

    As you play through the game there are certain objectives that must be completed in an allotted time such as finding Zombrex and treating Katy with it. Other objectives, like rescuing survivors, are all optional but do earn you extra money that can be used to buy the antidote. The important thing to remember is this: the clock is always ticking, so keep track of time or you risk losing everything.

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    Team up against the undead

    Dead Rising 2 features a two player co-operative multiplayer mode that enables you to drop in and out of a friend's game at any point in the main campaign. During this mode both you and a friend play as Chuck Greene, but only the host player will be able to save the game's progress. If you are playing Dead Rising 2 while signed in to PlayStation Network, another player can choose to join your game as long as you allow them access.

    It's a fun way to level up your character if you happen to be just dropping into a friend's game for some action. If you are the host player and happen to be stuck on a certain mission, it always helps to have a helping hand. The zombie slaying doesn't stop there.

    If you want to ramp things up, invite three of your friends along for Terror Is Reality, a four player multiplayer mode that pits you and your friends against a legion of zombies in a zany gladiator style TV show.

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