Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 Commander’s Challenge

  • PS3

Fight for world domination in the all-new Red Alert 3 Commander’s Challenge.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: EA
    Commander's Challenge Red Alert 3 screenshot

    • Conquer 50 unique scenarios with unlockables and rewards
    • Use 11 new units from all three factions, including the Giga Fortress, Desolator, and Cryo Legionnaire
    • Enjoy the trademark Command & Conquer style, with fast and fluid gameplay and over the top action

    Commander's Challenge Red Alert 3 screenshot

    War face

    From the very start, Commander's Challenge dazzles with its colourful, well animated visuals fire you straight into the fray. Small and well defined, each unit of your growing army has its own look and animation that is apparent even when they're not active (for example, certain soldiers will dance and exercise when bored). Each faction also has a unique style to how they construct their units, meaning variation comes in both gameplay and visuals - and all the big name celebrities put in a sterling performance as the commanders.

    Accompanying the glossy front end and visuals is a high impact soundtrack that changes depending on how well you're doing in the conflict, each tune offering a measure of blood pumping beats to get you in the mood, whether it's trumpeting triumph for those valuable moments of near victory, or panicked alarm when defeat draws close. Complemented by excellent voice acting (with deliberately exaggerated accents for comedic effect) and convincing sound effects, you never feel too far away from the action on-screen.

    Commander's Challenge Red Alert 3 screenshot

    War heroes

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge throws you into conflict on a grand scale, inhabited by a wealth of colourful characters set to bring a smile to your face, or wipe it off. Your task is to tackle 50 intense strategy based challenges against nine ruthless commanders, each with their own personalities and style - and performed with tongue-in-cheek humour by well known actors, actresses and celebrities.

    Dare you take on the likes of Shinzo (Bruce Locke of Mortal Kombat: Conquest), Oleg (Dimitri Diatchenko from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Giles (Greg Ellis from movie remake, Star Trek), Moskvin (Gene Farber from TV series 24) or the wizened Commander Hill (former WWE champion wrestler, Ric Flair)?

    Commander's Challenge Red Alert 3 screenshot

    War games

    Plotting, planning and execution - these are the hallmarks of Commander's Challenge's gameplay. Choosing from the three factions of Allies, Soviets and the Empire of the Rising Sun, you have to wage war through the 50 scenarios which challenge you to wipe your foe off a specific map. You start off by making sure you can mine the land of its natural resources and process them for credits to build power generators, barracks for your troops, research factories and hangars/bays to create vehicles for land, sea and air, and more.

    Each unit, whether it's a gun-toting troops, armoured tank, giant Soviet war bear or a brain-frying Japanese school girl, can be moved swiftly and easily to locations on the map, with multiple commands that can make them defend areas, hunt down enemies or infiltrate bases. They also have a secondary function, meaning your war tactics can be as diverse and adaptable as the landscape you roam on, as trees and civilian structures topple under the strains of battle. And should you want to get an edge in the conflict, there are always the powerful Protocols you can unleash on your hapless foes, including the ability to command massive satellite orbital bombardments or freeze a selection of enemies in their path.

    A comprehensive and light-hearted tutorial shows you the ropes, making Commander's Challenge a deeply involving and friendly title. With its range of mission types and the visual action which unfolds right before your eyes, there's always something to keep you active and excited.

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