Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

  • PS3

Play as the Prince of Darkness - resurrected once again. Do you have the strength to release him from his immortal bonds?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: TBC
    Castlevania Lord Of Shadow 2 screenshot
    • Become the original anti-hero - play as Dracula for the first time in a Castlevania game.
    • Explore an impressive open world and the sprawling labyrinthine corridors within Dracula's castle.
    • Use magical abilities to change the course of a battle. Master each weapon to unlock devastating skills to overshadow your foes.
    • Out-smart adversaries with vampiric powers - transform into mist, possess and control enemies, disappear into the darkness or scuttle past enemies unnoticed in rat form.
    Castlevania Lord Of Shadow 2 screenshot

    Family tree

    The Belmont family of vampire-hunters have been battling Dracula since 1987’s Castlevania. Thirty-five games later, and bringing the Lords of Shadow trilogy to a close, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 explores the legendary vampire’s origins and reveals his startling connection to the Belmonts.

    Beginning with a handy recap of Lords of Shadow and its follow-up, Mirror of Fate, a weakened Gabriel Belmont, now known as Dracula, must reclaim his old powers and finally defeat Satan, while fending off attacks from both the knightly Brotherhood of Light and Satan’s own minions.

    The story whips between medieval and modern times, with Gabriel’s castle holding the key to him regaining his powers. Along the way you’ll be helped by Gabriel’s dead wife Marie and a younger Trevor Belmont, the hero of Mirror of Fate. Zobek, the founder of the Brotherhood of Light who appeared in the previous two games, also returns to wreak havoc.

    Castlevania Lord Of Shadow 2 screenshot

    Role call

    Developer MercurySteam wraps up its trilogy following 2010’s Lords of Shadow and 2013’s Mirror of Fate. The studio has assembled an all-star voice cast for Lords of Shadow 2, including Robert Carlyle as Gabriel, Patrick Stewart as Zobek, Jason Isaacs as Satan and Natascha McElhone as Marie Belmont. These respected, heavyweight actors bring real gravitas to their roles and lend the narrative extra impact.

    The sprawling story takes Gabriel on a journey through a wide variety of locations and battles. You’ll fight to survive an invasion of knights in a castle, a downtown area, battle through a plaza full of riot police and possessed humans, and creep through eerie woodland. There are epic boss battles too, which will see you face off against enemies including a paladin, a stone golem, a cable-wielding demon, a serpent and a maniacal toymaker who unleashes his deadly creations.

    Away from the main story there are gems, experience points and bonus artwork to collect to improve your fighting prowess and 16 challenges that will unlock emblems provided you meet tough conditions. You might beat everyone without using certain powers, for instance, or avoid letting a set amount of time lapse between kills.

    Castlevania Lord Of Shadow 2 screenshot

    Causing chaos

    Controlling Gabriel is all about managing your Void and Chaos levels. By collecting blood from defeated enemies you can channel it into one of these two powers; activating your weapon transforms it into either the Void Sword or the Chaos Claws. The sword increases your health whenever it strikes an enemy, while the powerful claws can break an enemy’s defences. Each weapon also has its own combos, which once mastered lead to even more powerful abilities and damage.
    Relics are secondary weapons that play a huge part in helping you progress. The most useful relics include one that temporarily unlocks all of Gabriel’s skills, one that restores Void and Chaos magic for a few seconds and another that slows enemies’ movement and attacks.

    Once you’ve beaten the game, the Prince of Darkness extreme difficulty awaits – a mode that’ll set even the most bloodthirsty vampire’s fangs on edge.


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