Burnout™ CRASH!

  • PS3

Go on the wildest road trip of your life in an addictive game inspired by the thrill and excitement of pinball and game shows.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Criterion
    Burnout Crash screenshot
    • Master three explosive game modes and six unique locations, each requiring different skills and strategies.
    • Connect, compete and compare high scores with others.
    • Go head-to-head with your friends via PlayStation Network.

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    Burnout Crash screenshot

    Crash roots gameplay

    Burnout creator, Criterion Games, has gone back to basics with Burnout CRASH! on PlayStation 3 by focusing on one of the series' most beloved elements - the crash.

    Presented as a top-down arcade style experience reminiscent of old school pinball games, Burnout CRASH! shoves smashing steel into steel to the forefront, while adding a slew of new gameplay elements and exciting features.

    Burnout CRASH! packs countless hours of reckless chaos into an easy to pick up and difficult to master gameplay experience. There are three explosive game modes available across six unique locations and 18 crash junctions, each requiring different skills and strategies to maximise damage and debris.

    Burnout Crash screenshot

    Cash for carnage

    Burnout CRASH! takes the original series' Showtime mode and twists it on its head. Now, the entire game sees you taking on a collection of junctions and attempting to cause the most mayhem and damage possible in a bid to earn cash points. The bigger the crashes, the more your cash bonus at the end of the challenge will be.

    Causing a pile-up is simple: steer into an intersection and slam into another vehicle. After the initial collision, keep things going by using your Crashbreaker, which causes your to explode. This second explosion sends other vehicles flying into buildings and oncoming traffic, earning you more points.

    The trick from this point in is to continue to fill your Crashbreaker and keep steering your wrecked vehicle into traffic using the left stick on your wireless controller. As you progress through the game you'll unlock a garage full of new vehicles including trucks and sports cars, which means there is plenty of reason to go back and replay some of the game's earlier challenges to improve your score.

    For some explosive fun, download Burnout CRASH! from PlayStation Store today.

    Burnout Crash screenshot


    Burnout CRASH! has a number of online features powered by EA's innovative online service, Autolog, that can be accessed via PlayStation Network.

    You can connect, compete and compare high scores to earn the master of disaster crown, as well as using the Autolog Challenges to go head-to-head with your friends by daring them to try and beat your high scores.

    Be sure to practise as much as you can before taking on your friends and other players by earning as many stars as possible in campaign mode. The points you earn at the end of a crash task not only go towards set goals in the game, but also find their way onto your Autolog score.

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