• Also on PS3

The critically acclaimed fighter is back and bigger than ever.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Pqube
  • Developer: Arc System Works Co.
  • Also on PS3
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Featured Image
  • Play through 23 stories, including the original Calamity Trigger remastered.
  • Take your pick from 19 characters including the brand new Relis Clover.
  • Experience innovative team battles via PlayStation Network.
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita screenshot

Rebel rebel

Arcade combat classic BlazBlue makes its PlayStation Vita debut in the dazzling BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND. Combining an amped up retelling of the first story in the series, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, with a host of brand new plot lines, this is a stunning sequel featuring 14 wild characters and a ton of anime-style battle action.

Years ago, the legendary Six Heroes joined forces to save humanity from the menace of the Black Beast. What they didn’t know was that their revolutionary mix of magic and science – called the Ars Magus – would go on to dominate world affairs. Soon after their victory, the Novus Orbis Librarium (or NOL) was set up to use Ars Magus to govern the planet.

At first, there was peace – but as the NOL grew more secretive and severe, rebellion stirred in the shadows. The greatest among the rebels is the mysterious warrior Ragna, a young man who scares the NOL so much that the organisation puts a huge bounty on his head – a prize that draws the greatest fighters in the world to the city of Kagutsuchi, hungry for Ragna’s annihilation.

The action of BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND lets players revisit Ragna’s first raid or skip straight to its aftermath. In a city alight with confusion and excitement, questions abound: who is this strange young warrior? Why does he seek to destroy the NOL? What is the source of his other-worldly power?

A hotbed of mysteries to unravel one frenzied fight at a time, BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND is colourful, compelling and packed with excitement from start to finish.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita screenshot

Freedom fighter

BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND offers a stupendous range of game modes to ensure that you can experience the action in your own way.

Arcade Mode sees you battle your way to victory in classic tournament style, while Story Mode features slick cinematic scenes for increased depth and drama. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock the tales of more and more playable characters, from ghostly hero Hazama and sassy vampire Rachel Alucard to the formidable Relius Clover.

If you’re pushed for time or only fancy a couple of rounds on the rampage, try a one-off match in Versus Mode, a test of skill in Score Attack Mode or the character-specific special missions of Challenge Mode. The brand new UnlimitedMars Mode pits you against super intelligent opponents while Abyss Mode sees you face wave after wave of enemies in a bid to improve your character’s strength and abilities.

A host of options and a detailed Training Mode ensure that beginners won’t feel overwhelmed, while more experienced fighters can up the ante and tailor the combat to their level of expertise. And when your skills seem unsurpassable? Then it’s time to take the action online…

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita screenshot

Blazing squad

BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND sees portable 2D combat go into jaw-dropping overdrive. Making full use of the power of the PlayStation Vita system, the game matches its arcade predecessors in every respect, from the beautifully drawn and vividly coloured visuals to the heart-racing speed of the action.

Choose from 14 unique warriors and launch into high voltage battles infused with all the energy and adrenaline of anime at its best. Each character comes complete with his or her own set of taunts, tricks and eye-popping special attacks – from the sticky tongue-swipes of the ghoulish Arakune to the pounding iron-clad uppercuts of the demonic Tager – and as you land combo after devastating combo on your bewildered opponent, your character’s Heat Gauge will rise. When it’s full, you’ll be able to launch even wilder assaults or perform special rapid cancels to outfox any enemy who dares to fight back.

Controls are easy to get to grips with and you can choose to use the PlayStation Vita system’s rear touch pad for an even more intuitive experience – if anything, it’s even more fun to obliterate foes with just the lightest touch of your fingertips.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita screenshot

Blaze of glory

Once you’ve mastered the spectacular variety of single player modes, it’s time to prove your power against friends and fellow fans. BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND lets you do so via an Ad Hoc Mode connection to up to five other nearby PlayStation Vita systems or via PlayStation Network.

Heading online will allow you to go toe-to-toe with friends and rival players around the world in one-on-one custom matches or frantic team battles – and if you choose a ranked match, your performance will be measured and added to the league table alongside those of your fellow fans.

It’ll take a lot of skill to triumph over all comers, but ultimate fighting glory is there for the taking – it’s time to prove you’re up to the test.

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