attheraces Gallop Racer

Immerse yourself in the fast-paced, adrenalin-inducing world of horse racing, with Zoo's licensed gallop 'em up under starter's orders.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: Zoo Software
  • Developer: Tecmo

    If you've ever fancied yourself as jockey, trainer and gambling don all in one, now's your chance to see if you can cut it, with attheraces Presents Gallop Racer. Apart from having a slightly unwieldy name, Gallop Racer offers a stable-full of equine delights, promising to tackle every aspect of the Sport of Kings, from breeding and training through to riding and betting.

    Chose your thoroughbred and then set about training it up to enter into competitions. Hone those jockeying skills at the Academy and head out onto the turf for fast and furious canters across 32 race tracks. There are over 3,000 horses to select, and jockeys are fully customisable, allowing you to create your saddle-bound likeness with which to race. Determine your rider's name, silks and set the difficulty depending on whether you're a rookie or seasoned pro, and compete to earn money and build up your business.


    • Select a horse from a stable of over 3,000, and train it up to become the latest champion

    • Boost your earnings to invest in the business with the gambling feature

    • Breed a new generation of champions when your horse retires


    • Players

      1-2 Players


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